You Need to Pay Attention to These Roof Problem Areas

Pay Attention To The Problem Areas On Your Aledo, TX, Roofing

Where To Look And What To Look For To Avoid Further Roof Repair

Most Aledo, TX, homeowners know to look for missing shingles, fallen tree limbs, and other obvious sources of roof damage. However, some areas of the roof are less known that tend to acquire issues over time that homeowners tend to glaze over.

If those less-known problem areas go unattended, you risk causing further roof damage, adding more time, energy, and money spent. When you know where and what to look for, you save yourself the hassle of frequent repairs or unnecessary further damage.

Though it’s always good to hire professional roofing inspectors, it’s also helpful to know where these problem areas are yourself. Knowledge is power, and the more you learn about your roof, the better off your home-owning experience will go.

Damaged Shingles Or Dark Spots

Some homeowners might assume their shingles are okay if they’re still attached to their roofs. However, even shingles on your roof may fail to function correctly. A shingle doesn’t have to go missing for it to prove ineffective.

Examine your shingles to check if they are cracked, bent, or contain dark or bald spots. Shingles tend to curl or crack from normal wear and tear over time. Once this happens, and they don’t correctly overlap each other, those exposed areas become susceptible to water damage and other further issues.

Hail storms or rough weather can easily knock the granules off your shingles. Granules are needed to protect the shingle from harmful UV light and water penetration, so when they go missing, your shingle becomes exposed and can’t fully function.


There are many types of flashing on your roof – they are flat pieces of metal that meet at connecting surfaces and protect the gap from exposure. Different roof parts, such as the counter, chimney, apron, valley, and step, call for different flashing solutions. Each one is necessary to protect against leaks and other damage.

When your roof’s flashing dents, cracks, or gets otherwise compromised, your roof becomes vulnerable to outdoor elements. To avoid this, ensure that your flashing lays flush against both connected surfaces without room for leaks to get through.


Soffits are the area below the eaves or where your roof peaks meet. They’re mostly known for venting your attic, forming the area under the overhang where your roof surfaces come together.

If your soffit is damaged, it can fail to ventilate your attic properly and, instead, trap heat, create humidity, and become a moisture and mold haven. A damaged soffit can look like cracks, dents, or anything that seems out of place or allows water inside. 

Like most parts of your roof, your soffit can get damaged during a heavy storm or from years of use. Either way, it’s essential to repair it before further damage occurs.

Fascia Board

Fascia board is the trim of your roof and is usually made of wood or metal that outlines your home’s exterior. Because fascia is narrow, it’s more prone to damage than other components of your roof.

Compromised fascia is easy to spot, although its effects may not be immediately noticeable. Cracks and dents in your fascia are indicators that it should be looked at and repaired as soon as possible.

Because fascia protects the edge of your roof, if it’s damaged, water can easily leak under your roof and get into your home. It’s an extra barrier that provides protection but should still be kept in proper condition to ensure your roof can work at its full potential.


Inspecting your gutters is one of the best and easiest ways for homeowners to know how well their roof works. When gutters clog with leaves, limbs, or other debris, water is forced to overspill the edges and get distributed poorly.

However, clogged gutters aren’t the only indicators of improper usage – storms are notorious for denting, cracking, and ripping gutters entirely off your home in some cases. Don’t get fooled – gutters are essential to the health of your roof!

When your gutters are damaged in any way, it puts extra pressure on the fascia board, soffit, and flashing and affects how well your shingles can function. Always ensure your gutters are working correctly and in unison with the rest of your roof.

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