Worried About Roof Blisters? We Have All The Answers

Asphalt Shingle Blisters Can Be A Huge
Issue For Residential Roofing In
White Settlement, TX

The Causes And Solutions
For Shingle Blisters

There are numerous issues that your White Settlement, TX residential roofing can have over its lifetime. Asphalt shingle blisters are one problem roofs can face, and it can be a huge issue for many homeowners.

Believe it or not, asphalt shingle blisters are considered a common roof ailment that Tarrant County homeowners deal with. That means that every asphalt roof out there can be susceptible to blisters.

The question that most homeowners have is how they can prevent blisters from occurring. And if the roof does have blisters, how do you treat them?
That said, read on for everything you may need to know about blisters on asphalt residential roofing.

What Are Residential Roofing Asphalt Blisters?

Asphalt blisters are aptly named when you see them. They look like blisters that have formed under the asphalt and swell up, much like a blister you would have on your skin.

The blisters can be found in one section or all over the roof, depending on why the blisters form. While these “blisters” are not like blisters found in human chicken pox, it may seem as though they are contagious and spread throughout the roof.

The Causes Of Asphalt Blisters On Residential Roofing

What causes these blisters to form on your roof? These are a few reasons you may be dealing with blisters on your roof. Let’s take a look at each!

1. Manufacturer Defect

Asphalt roofing can sometimes start to blister because of a manufacturer defect. That is why it is crucial to go with a brand of asphalt that stands behind their products.

The chances of it being a manufacturer defect are small, but it can happen.

2. Water Damage

If water can get under the asphalt, it can lead to blisters. In most cases, the water is getting under the asphalt due to poor installation, leaks in the roof, or insufficient underlayment.

When the water gets under the asphalt, it can become trapped, forming a blister.

3. Extreme Sun And Heat

One of the more common reasons for roof blisters in the White Settlement, TX area is the extreme heat and sun. As asphalt roofing gets hotter, it can cause the asphalt to expand, which leads to damage that is seen in the form of blisters on your roof.

4. Poor Ventilation

If your ventilation is poor in your home, then you are setting yourself up for blisters to form. The moisture and heat are trapped under the roof, penetrating the asphalt shingles and causing blisters to form.

Damage Blisters Can Cause To Residential Roofing

When you have a residential roof with blisters, you could be setting yourself up for some hard times ahead. One of the most significant problems that arise is the integrity of your roof being affected. When blisters take over your roof, it will affect how strong your roof is.

Water damage can quickly happen when you have blisters on your asphalt shingles. Blisters can easily let in water that may leak into your home and set up mold on the roof. No one wants to deal with a leak from their roof, as it can cause large amounts of damage inside your home.

Don’t be surprised if your energy costs increase when dealing with blisters on your roof. More blisters on your roof affect its efficiency – increasing energy costs many homeowners experience.

Ultimately, roof blisters should be treated as if they are as essential to correct as missing large sections of shingles.

How To Prevent Blisters On Your Residential Roofing

Can you prevent blisters from occurring on your asphalt roof? Sadly, there are not many things that a homeowner can do to prevent blisters from forming.

However, you can decrease the chances of having blisters on your roof if you ensure your home has the proper ventilation. In addition, when you do see blisters starting to form, replacing this section of your roof can correct the damage without a complete roof replacement.

It is also suggested that you avoid walking on your roof, as this can lead to damage that later leads to blisters. Most homeowners are fine with avoiding walking on their roofs, as they leave that to the professionals.

You should have your roof inspected every few years to check for any issues, including blisters. Catching these blisters as soon as possible can help you spot problems and have them corrected.

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