Winter Prep For Commercial Roof Systems

6 Tips For Preparing Your Azle, TX
Commercial Roofing For Winter

Ensure A Healthy Roof All Winter Long

While the winter weather is not a massive worry for Azle, TX commercial roofing, that doesn’t mean you can skip over preparation. On average, we only see a few inches of snow, but it gets cold.

And let’s not forget that Mother Nature sometimes throws us a curveball, and we end up getting a winter we are never prepared to handle!

The idea behind preparing your commercial roof for the winter is a way to ensure you are a conscientious business owner. It also provides relief in knowing that the health of your roof is in decent shape once springtime rolls around.

For property owners in Tarrant County who are wondering what they should do to their commercial roofs this fall so they are prepared for the winter, we have six tips to help you get organized.

1. Commercial Roofing Needs A Good Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your commercial roof? Most business owners don’t really pay attention to cleaning their roofs, and for good reason. After all, do you clean your residential roof?

It is often a concept that doesn’t enter their thoughts. However, cleaning your roof can greatly discourage critters from deciding it should be their winter haven.

For flat commercial roofs, birds, squirrels, and other pests often bring sticks, grass, and other nesting materials onto the roof. The key is to remove these before they start nesting – fall is a great time to do so.

2. Take A Look At The Grounds Around
Your Commercial Roofing

Take a step back and look at the entire property for potential threats that could come to light during the winter. One of the biggest threats during winter is ice and snow that can cause trees to break.

So, you want to pay attention to any limbs that could drop onto your roof, which could cause damage.

Fall is a great time to cut away any tree limbs that are getting too close for comfort. Doing so now can save you a ton of damage later.

3. Gutters Need To Be Cleaned On Your Azle, TX Building

The gutters of a commercial property, or any property for that matter, ensure water is directed away from the structure. We can see a lot of precipitation during the winter, so fall is the time to ensure your gutters are up for the task.

If your gutters are clogged, and you allow them to remain this way during the winter, you could face many issues. One issue would be water draining under the roof and causing massive damage, resulting in the need for a roof replacement.

However, if water were to be standing in the gutters when we hit freezing temperatures, the gutters could become so weighted that they rip away from the building. It is a huge and expensive mistake you would have to deal with.

4. All Commercial Roofing Repairs Need To Be Done

While roof repairs can happen during the winter, most professionals tell you to go ahead and get repairs out of the way before the weather turns bad. Why is that?

A commercial roof may have delicate points containing skylights, HVAC equipment, etc. If we are hit with snow, there is always a risk that a repair would result in other damage because the snow covers everything important.

Plus, if you already have a leak starting, it is best to correct it now rather than wait for melting snow to show you how awful the leak has gotten!

5. Have Your Commercial Roofing Inspected

Many commercial building owners have their roofs inspected every year. They understand that finding minor issues now is better than letting them go and the problem becoming major.

Fall is a great time to have a commercial roof inspection to find any damage that needs to be repaired before the winter hits.

6. Consider Snow And Ice Removal
Plans For Commercial Roofing

What would you do if a huge snow or ice storm is affecting your roof? You may worry that the weight of the snow or ice is too much. Or you may start to see the starting of an ice dam on your roof.

What would you do?

Now is the time to put those plans into place as to what to do and who to call if there are issues with your commercial roof during winter. While you may not have to use these plans, having them in place already is a great idea.

Remember, ice always has the potential to fall off your commercial roof, and if it were to hit someone in a parking lot, you could face a lawsuit. Talk with your professional roofer about what to do and what steps can be taken to prevent ice dams and the like from happening.

Will Using These Tips Ensure Your Azle, TX
Roof Is Safe This Winter?

While these six tips won’t guarantee your roof is safe this winter, they increase the odds of your commercial roof being fine.

The idea is to take the fall to prepare your roof as much as possible, to find any issues to correct them, and have plans to ensure you are protected.

A professional commercial roofer can give you more information on what you need to do to prepare, as there are always unique situations that some commercial business owners have to deal with.

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