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Wind-Damaged Home Restored To Better-Than-New Condition

Siding And Shingles Repaired, Improving Home’s Function And Fashion

  • Home was restored to better-than-new condition
  • Roof was inspected to ensure no underlying damage existed
  • Quality products and materials ensure long-term value and service

Meet Mrs. Petterson

A heavy Texas storm produced 70 MPH straight-line winds that blew siding off the gable ends of Mrs. Petterson’s Aledo, TX home. The very next day, she had several general contractors solicit their services. Not knowing who to trust, she selected one that quickly installed a large tarp, causing more damage to her home. She discovered later from the insurance adjuster that the damage caused by the unnecessary installation of the tarp would not be covered, and the original storm damage didn’t equal her deductible so she was not even able to file an insurance claim.

Comparing Contractors

Mrs. Petterson researched various general contractors online and was overwhelmed with the choices. She knew she wanted to find a roofing contractor she could trust this time, so she turned to social media for help. After her unfortunate experience with an overzealous general contractor, her social media network referred her to First Texas Roofing.

Social Media Network Referral

We were able to assess the damage from the storm and provide her with an ironclad estimate to reinstall the siding that was missing and replace a few of the windblown shingles. Also, we inspected the entire roof to ensure it was in stable condition because after wind damage, water can seep inside the home and cause more problems down the line.

Mrs. Petterson is so pleased that we were able to improve the condition of her home. She was very disappointed that the previous contractor wasn’t upfront and didn’t offer to bid those few items instead of causing more damage that ended up costing her more money to repair. She now has a contractor she can trust with First Texas Roofing.

About First Texas Roofing

First Texas Roofing is a locally owned and operated business that has been providing affordable roof repairs and replacements for over 15 years without high pressure sales tactics.