Why Are Strong Roofing Warranties So Important?

5 Reasons Strong Roofing Warranties Are Crucial For Fort Worth, TX, Homeowners

Get The Most Out Of Your Roof Replacement With A Solid And Comprehensive Warranty

Searching for durable and strong roofing materials is hard enough in Fort Worth, TX, let alone finding ones with excellent warranties. Many roofing companies offer short-term warranties with endless stipulations in the fine print or no warranty at all. Others may use shoddy products that include shoddy warranties.

Many roofing companies rely on manufacturer warranties but can’t stand by their labor or installations. From confusing lingo to misleading information, our competitors rely on their customers’ lack of warranty knowledge to take advantage of them.

We never use these unethical tactics at First Texas Roofing. Instead, we want to inform our customers of their warranty information. But why are great roofing warranties so crucial?

1. They Protect Your Investment

In the same way you might purchase an extended manufacturer’s warranty for your new car, you also want to ensure your roof has a long-lasting warranty. Many good roofing manufacturer warranties start at ten years and go up to 30 years plus, giving you confidence in your product.

When the warranty runs out, you usually have a chance to extend it – which can be a great way to keep your home safe for years.

Also, excellent roofing warranties are transferable to at least one other homeowner. This ability to transfer means when you move out of your home, its roof is still under warranty as it moves to the next owner. Transferable warranties are excellent selling points, giving you more leverage when you go to sell.

Besides giving you a high return on your investment (ROI), you’re protecting your bank account from unexpected costly roofing damage that can occur. Limited lifetime warranties are the most common shingle roof warranties and cover things like factory-defective shingles, replacing them at no cost.

2. Great Warranties Protect Great Products

When you find an excellent warranty on a roofing product, the product itself is most likely excellent. Generally, roofing manufacturers don’t want to or can’t guarantee a product they know will fail. Therefore, they accompany their product with no warranties or short-term warranties. This way, they won’t have to replace products they know to be frail and ineffective.

When a manufacturer attaches a solid warranty to their product, they know their product can stand the test. Confidence in their product comes with a better warranty, as they know they won’t need to replace their product very often.

In return, purchasing a quality product usually means you’ll get an excellent warranty with it – it’s a win-win. Not only are you paying for a better product, but you’re investing in your peace of mind.

3. Workmanship Warranties Ensure Quality Installations

Similar to how great warranties accompany great products, workmanship warranties often signify skilled and detailed roofing installations. Companies that can’t vouch for their labor and craftsmanship won’t want to offer a workmanship warranty because they’re just throwing money out the window.

Good workmanship warranties usually include immediate fixes to any issues stemming from installation. If a homeowner spots anything off base after their roof replacement, the roofing company will come to your home and repair it. If they can’t fix the problem, they give their client their money back.

Finding a reliable and talented roofing company with a workmanship warranty can be difficult, as many roofing companies hire day labor to get through their projects quickly. This often leads to mistakes and essential steps falling through the cracks, sometimes literally.

4. Financial Comfort

If defects occur to a roof that is not under warranty, the homeowner can expect to pay for repairs out of pocket. Home insurance usually only covers storm damage to your roof, not manufacturing defects. This reality leaves many homeowners struggling to find the money to complete an adequate repair.

Any unexpected home damage or defect is unsettling and stressful if you don’t have an emergency fund. Roofing expenses are incredibly challenging, as they usually require immediate fixes. You must pay for the repair and cough up additional fees for emergency roofing service.

Removing the stress of last-minute, surprise expenses is a relief, giving homeowners a bit of breathing room and security regarding finances.

5. Peace Of Mind

Perhaps most importantly, solid roofing warranties are essential because they bring you peace of mind. Not only will you feel more financially secure, but you’ll feel more confident in your decision and your investment.

No one wants to have the lingering stress of potential roofing issues. With a great warranty, you know you have a roofing company you can rely on to receive the finest materials and impeccable installations.

Fort Worth, TX, Homeowners Can Rest Assured With Our Outstanding Roofing Warranties

At First Texas Roofing, we’ve been perfecting the craft of roofing and customer service for over 15 years in Fort Worth, TX. Our client-centered values ensure a hassle-free and smooth roofing experience, whether you need a repair or a whole replacement.

The best part is our warranties – our shingle roofs come with a limited lifetime warranty, while our metal roofs include a comprehensive lifetime warranty, giving you the security you deserve. Plus, we never leave a project unless it’s been thoroughly inspected and you are 100% satisfied.

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