Why A Overflowing Gutter Is More Harmful Thank You Think

Why An Overflowing Gutter On Your
Weatherford, TX, Home Is More
Harmful Than You Think

An Overflowing Gutter Can Cost You A Lot In
Expensive Damage Repairs

Have you noticed your Weatherford, TX, home’s gutters are overflowing instead of safely transporting water away from the building? This is counterproductive to their original purpose and can cause severe damage to your home. When you notice part or all of your gutter system overflowing – it’s essential to act quickly.

While you may not enjoy cleaning your seamless gutters, this annual task can ensure you don’t have a problem with overflow. It may not seem like such a big deal if a bit of water escapes the gutter system, but over time, the effects can compound, leading to costly repairs. Let’s look at the consequences of leaving an overflowing gutter unchecked.

Damage To Your Roof

While it may not seem like an overflowing gutter can cause roof damage – it’s a serious concern. When twigs, leaves, and other debris build up inside your seamless gutters, the water can no longer flow freely through the system. This causes it to back up and overflow.

In addition to flowing over the sides toward the ground, it can back up toward the roof. As the water pools on the roof’s surface, it can cause severe shingle damage and seep underneath, where leaks into your home will begin. This can also lead to sagging and cracking.

Damage To Your Siding

No matter the type of siding material you have on your Parker County home, an overflowing gutter can cause serious damage. A fully functional seamless gutter will ensure rain water doesn’t flow directly down the siding, protecting it from the damaging effects of stormy weather.

When your gutters are overflowing, the siding material will be exposed to constantly running water, putting it at risk of peeling paint, wearing away the material, fading colors, and leaving behind dirt you’ll have to clean.

Depending on the material, you’ll face increased rot, cracks, warping, swelling, and other damage risks. If you have wood siding, it can be especially harmful even if the wood is sealed correctly.

Cracked Driveways

Despite being one of the toughest construction materials available, concrete is highly susceptible to water damage. Water will seep into the nooks and crannies within the concrete and, as it progresses, will dissolve the minerals it comes into contact with. As these minerals are washed out, gaps are created, and eventually, the concrete will crack and fail.

If it’s impossible to keep your concrete dry all the time, you can prolong its lifespan by keeping your gutters clean. An overflowing gutter will flood your driveway with more water than a rainstorm by itself. Taking the time to clean your gutters is much more cost-effective than replacing your entire driveway.

Flooding Basements And Foundation Damage

All that water that’s overflowing from your gutters has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, the most likely place is your basement. With one bad storm, you could be looking at massive damage to everything down there –such as your water heater and anything you have stored in the space.

What’s worse, with a flooded basement often comes a damaged foundation. You’ll need to quickly work to clean up the flooding to prevent cracks in the foundation, which will be extremely costly to repair and can make your home structurally unsafe.

With water pooling around your Weatherford, TX, home, foundation damage can happen even if you don’t have a basement. It will go through a process very similar to your driveway when exposed to excess water, leading to cracking and failure.

Mold Growth In Your Home

Another serious concern is the potential for mold growth. As your Parker County home is exposed to more and more water, the likelihood for mold to grow increases astronomically. Mold enjoys damp, dark, and warm environments. As long as it has something organic to feed on, it will multiply.

One concern is that you may not be able to see the mold as it grows. As it enjoys the dark, it can be hidden from view for quite some time before you identify it. However, whether you see it or not, it’s still dangerous for your family’s health. Mold remediation is a costly process, making prevention the preferred method.

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