What To Expect During a Roof Replacement Project

What To Expect During A Roof Replacement
Project In Fort Worth, TX

The Steps Involved In A Roof Replacement
From Start To Finish

Getting a roof replacement in Ft. Worth, TX, is a serious step toward the long-term improvement of your home. When you choose quality materials and an expert roofing contractor for the installation, your investment will likely last for decades.

You might be wondering what a roof replacement project entails. We’ve designed this guide to help you understand what to expect during yours so you won’t have any unnecessary surprises.

Establish The Scope Of The Project And The Contractor

The first step of a roof replacement in Ft. Worth, TX, is establishing the project’s scope. During this phase, you’ll decide which materials best fit your home, style, and budget.

The roofing contractors you consult with for estimates will inspect your roof and recommend which materials are the best quality and most durable for the area’s climate. They will also help you consider payment options for your project, including financing.

After you have met with several roofing contractors, you will need to decide which one best meets your needs. They should be qualified to complete the job and have an excellent history with great results in the community.

The Arrival Of Your Roofing Materials

Your contractor will deliver your roof replacement project materials to your home a few days before the start of the installation. You will need space to accommodate it, including at least one dumpster for hauling your old roof.

Tearing Off The Old Roof

The project’s first step will be for the roofing contractors to tear off your old roof. This is a necessary step because structural damage could be underneath the older layers – not visible until they are removed. Because there’s potential for underlying wear, it is not recommended for contractors to install the new roof on top of the older one.

During this process, falling debris can cause damage, so you must have your home’s exterior prepared before the project begins.

Evaluating The Condition Of Your Roof

Once the roof decking is uncovered, the roofing contractor will thoroughly inspect it for any signs of damage or rot. It must have solid structural integrity to be used to install the new roof. If there is any sign of weakness, it will be repaired or replaced, depending on how severe it is.

Installation Of The Roofing Materials

After the roof decking is inspected and repaired, it’s time for the installation to begin. The roofing contractors will start with the underlayment’s bottom layer of protection, which keeps the decking safe from water damage.

Experts will install your roofing material, followed by final critical touches, such as protective flashing that will divert water away from crucial areas to prevent leaks.

During this project phase, be prepared for potential delays if the weather doesn’t cooperate. The elements are the enemy of a properly installed roof – exposure to the elements poses a threat to its longevity. So, when there are heavy rains, the roofing contractors will not be able to work on your project.

Finalization Of The Project

Once the roofing project is complete, the contractors should thoroughly clean your property. This includes picking up all roofing nails that may have fallen into your yard. Ultimately, the new roof should be the only sign they were there.

They should also do a final inspection to ensure their work is complete and up to standard and you should be invited to do a walkthrough with the lead contractor to verify that the new roof is entirely satisfactory and a job well done.

Lastly, you will receive any warranty information and pay for your services.

When You Need A Roof Replacement In Ft. Worth, TX,
Trust The Best Roofing Contractor In Town

If it’s time to replace your roof in Fort Worth, TX, you need a roofing contractor you can trust. Choose a company with a stellar reputation to back up its work.

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