What Homeowners Should Know About Roof Leaks

What Homeowners Should Know About Roof Leaks

A leaky roof can sometimes be a big problem to find and repair. Water may enter the roof and run down underneath the shingles far from the original entry point but it doesn’t stop there. The water may run horizontally along the inside of the roof and down a beam. Of course, it can take some serious detective work to locate these traveling leaks, but a roofing company in Fort Worth can help with this.

When there’s a hole in the roof, whether it’s for a vent, chimney or dish antenna, there’s always a potential for leakage. The flashing may be poorly installed, work loose or the sealant can crack or dry out. There are specially designed neoprene flashing and boots that fit around chimneys and vents. These are usually a better option than metal flashing when it comes to preventing roof leaks.

Roofing leaks also occur along the roof’s lower edges where shingles overlap the flashing. During a winter snow, ice can build up and create a dam. The water backs up behind the dam and without a place to go it eventually works its way under the flashing and shingles. Most people make the mistake of chipping away the ice and end up puncturing the flashing. If you have issues with ice building up on your roof, contact a roofing company in Fort Worth so they can help you correct the problem.

Sometimes what looks like a roof leak may be the result of poor attic insulation. This is a common problem during the winter when heated interior air makes contact with the cold underside of the roof and produces condensation. Proper ventilation and additional insulation may be required to resolve the problem.

When you understand how roofing leaks start and how they develop, you have a better chance of pinpointing the problem and getting it fixed. In addition, it’s a good idea to get your roof inspected by a reliable roofing company in Fort Worth at least once a year.