What Causes Curled Shingles On A Roof?

What Causes Curled Shingles On A Roof In
Fort Worth, TX?

All The Reasons Behind This Common Shingle Problem

Roofers in Fort Worth, TX, are all too familiar with curled shingles. Not only are they unsightly, but they open up the rest of the roof to water damage. It’s a sign that you need professional roofing help – and fast.

Curled shingles are turned up at the edges, with the central part appearing as if it’s sinking. The biggest issue with this is that the roof underneath is exposed to the elements. Exposure to rain, wind, and debris can wreak havoc on the overall health of your roof.

But what causes curled shingles to occur?

Several situations can bring about curled shingles, and you’ll need a professional roofing contractor to tell you if you can get by with roof repair or if you’ll need to complete an entire roof replacement. Here are the top reasons your Fort Worth, TX, home’s roof has curled shingles – and what to do about them. 

Poor Ventilation

The correct way for roof ventilation to work is for the fresh air to be pulled in through the intake vents in the lower portion of the roof. This air is displaced to the upper part of the roof as it heats up, and it eventually exits through the exhaust vents. As the moist air in your home rises to the roof space, the ventilation system helps flush it out.

When this ventilation system is not working correctly, humid air builds up in the attic and roof space. This can lead to mold damage inside the home, roof problems, and a shortened lifespan for the roof shingles, which can cause curling.

The Age Of Your Shingles

As your roof gets older, it may show signs of aging. Our Fort Worth, TX, climate can take a toll on the aging process, speeding it up. Heavy storms and intense heat can play significant roles in causing shingles to curl.

Curling is also typical at the end of a shingle roof’s lifespan. If you know when your roof was installed, you can calculate when you’ll be due for a roof replacement. Otherwise, have a thorough inspection by a reputable roofing company to determine the level of damage.

Poor-Quality Materials

One problem with taking the lowest bid offered for a roof replacement is that you may not be dealing with reputable roofers in Fort Worth, TX. If the offer seems too good to be true, you could be dealing with a company that will use shoddy products that come back to haunt you.

One thing these disreputable individuals do to make their bids so low is use cheaply made products. These products are designed with inferior materials and do not hold up over time. The result is a problem that costs even more to fix, such as curling shingles.

The way to avoid this is by hiring a respected roofing company that may cost more upfront because of their high-quality products and superior service, but you’ll end up paying less in the long run because the job will only need to be done once.

The New Roof Was Placed Over The Old Roof

Some homeowners try to save money by installing their new roof over their old roof. This is a highly frowned upon roof installation method for a couple of valid reasons.

First, the old roof is attached to the house, not the new one. This means the old roof is still secure and not likely to fall off or blow away, but the new roof is not that secure. It is more likely to curl earlier than expected. 

Second, there was a reason why a new roof was installed. There was something wrong with the original roof; if it was damaged, the problem is still there. So, if there was mold or mildew on the original roof, the new roof is now susceptible to it.

Poor Installation Practices

Improper installation tends to be the most common reason behind curling shingles. All shingles have manufacturer’s installation guidelines that should be followed. When corners are cut and best practices aren’t followed – things can go drastically wrong.

Poor quality nails, incorrect number, or incorrect length can all cause curling by allowing the shingles to pull away from the roof. Additionally, if the shingles aren’t aligned correctly with the tar line, they’ll eventually pull loose and curl at the edges.

If Your Shingles Are Curling, Call The Best Roofing Company
In Fort Worth, TX

If you’ve noticed curling shingles on your Fort Worth, TX, home’s roof, you need an expert to evaluate the situation. Don’t waste your time with the rabble – choose the best.

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