Warning Signs To Look For in a Roofer

Warning Signs To Look Out For In
An Aledo, TX, Roofer

Keep Your Investment Safe By Avoiding
These Types Of Contractors

When considering residential roofing options for your Aledo, TX, home, choosing a trustworthy company is essential. The success of your project hinges on the knowledge, expertise, and ability of your provider. Unfortunately, many contractors will take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.

Subpar contractors often lure homeowners in with low prices or “too good to be true” deals. While you think you’re about to save on your new roof, you’ll quickly find yourself in a huge mess.

As you evaluate roofing companies, take the time to research their reputation, looking for indications that you might be at risk of being taken advantage of. If you notice any residential roofing contractors displaying some or all of the following warning signs, it’s best to move on to a different company quickly.

They Show Up At Your Doorstep Right After A Storm

When bad weather passes through, it’s not uncommon for “storm chasers” to show up on your doorstep. These companies are from out of town and claim to be roofers who have come to “help clean up” after the storm. They’ll offer services like residential roof repair, claiming to have the skills and tools necessary to fix all your storm-related problems.

Unlike established residential roofing companies in Parker County, these individuals leave town immediately after completing the work. This essentially negates their warranties because they’re no longer able or willing to fulfill their obligations.

Another significant problem with storm chasers is that they’re often not even roofing experts nor licensed to work in the area. They’ve chosen to perform residential roofing services because they recognized the opportunity to make fast money before leaving town. 

Storm chasers prey on vulnerable homeowners with no remorse. Instead of hiring one of these questionable people, choose a local option for your local Aledo, TX, roofing project.

They Want All The Money Upfront

It is very uncommon for a legitimate residential roof service to request complete payment upfront. In most cases, your roofer will request a down payment for your roof replacement, but it will be a fraction of the total cost.

When a roofer asks for full payment upfront, it’s a serious red flag. This is one of the most commonly reported scams in the industry, and the most targeted victims are the elderly. The contractor will take the money and disappear, never returning to complete any work. 

They Will Only Accept Cash

Most residential roofing replacement companies offer several different options for paying. Generally, cash is not one of them. So, when a contractor only accepts cash as their payment method, it’s a sign of shady tactics.

You should always have a paper trail for such a significant investment. This includes a detailed contract, invoices, and receipts. Paying in cash can make it harder to keep track of your residential roof installation and much easier for a disreputable contractor to take advantage of you and your family.

They Do Not Have A Portfolio Or References

Reliable roofing residential companies will always have examples of their past work to show you. They’ll also have references and reviews you can read to see what working with them is like.

In fact, the best companies are proud to share this information with potential customers because they stand behind their work. 

Any company that can’t give you an example of even one residential roof replacement is very questionable. If they also can’t provide references, you should acknowledge the warning signs and move on to another residential roofing company that can support their claims of industry knowledge and skill.

They’re Pressuring You To Sign The Contract

When you get a quote from a Parker County residential roofing company, the experience should be relaxed and informative. You shouldn’t be put through the wringer and pressured to buy the company’s services. 

If you come across a company that is more focused on urging you to sign the contract, it’s likely not the one for your project. The contractor should be intent on answering your questions, providing you with essential information, and giving you the space you need to make the decision that’s in your best interests.

Their Bid Is Too Good To Be True

Roofing contractors that offer bids that seem too good to be true will cause you more problems than it’s worth. With a lowball bid, you’ll get poor-quality residential roofing shingles for your project because there’s not enough money for durable products. 

In addition, their installation crews are often untrained and not vetted. Having amateurs install your new roof is a recipe for costly repairs and premature replacements.

Another potential problem you could face is “hidden damage” uncovered during the tear-off of your old roof. These low-dollar contracts contain loopholes that often allow for increased rates throughout the project. 

However, the roofers will attempt to trick you into signing based on the exceptional value you may think you’re getting. They do what they can to ensure you don’t get to read the contract thoroughly. Ultimately, you’ll be left with a ridiculously high bill that’s nowhere near what they originally quoted.

Turn To A Trustworthy Residential Roofing Company
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