Up Your Home’s Resale Value With A Steel Roof

Up Your Home’s Resale Value With A Steel Roof

When considering your next roofing project, keep your property value in mind. Constructing a new roof is an expensive undertaking, so you will want to get the most out of your investment. Unlike asphalt or slate, metal has become an increasingly popular choice for roofing in Fort Worth, among other regions, due to its longevity and durability. However, the cost of a metal roof is significantly more than other materials. Despite the cost, the long term economic benefits of a metal roof are worth consideration.

A Roof to Last a Lifetime

The biggest draw towards metal roofs is their versatility and their longevity. Metal roofs tend to be a once in a lifetime project, as they outlast many other materials. While materials like asphalt have a lifespan rating of about 15-20 years, metal is rated for 50 years. When thinking about cost, this means that an asphalt roof will have to be replaced at leasttwice in the lifespan of a metal roof. That fact alone makes steel roofing a more economically efficient method.

Curb Appeal

Installing a metal roof can raise your home’s value by as much as 6%, which is a figure you’ll want to calculate in your roofing decision if you plan on relocating in your lifetime. Furthermore, homeowners tend to recoup between 85% and 95% of installation costs when they sell, which is a relatively small amount of devaluing. When it comes to roofing in Fort Worth, you will not find another material that will have the same economic durability.

Insurance Benefits

Did you know your homeowner’s insurance company will likely discount as much as 35% of your policy if you install a metal roof? Roofs are one of the larger liabilities on your insurance plan, so it makes sense that your insurance company would prefer the stronger, longer-lasting roof material.

If you are considering new roofing in Fort Worth, keep metal in mind. Although the price tag scares many people away, the long term benefits of a steel roof make the investment worthwhile.