Tips For Taking Care Of Your Commercial Roof This Winter

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Commercial
Roof This Winter In Fort Worth, TX

How To Keep Your Commercial Roof In Top Shape

Maintaining a commercial roof in Fort Worth, TX, can be a bit more involved than handling a residential roof. You’ll need to ensure it’s in top form before winter hits. Here at First Texas Roofing, we’ve created this guide to help you prepare and care for your commercial roof throughout our Texas winters.

1. Get A Roof Inspection Before Winter Starts

Having a commercial roofing inspection completed at a minimum of annually is essential to maintaining its health, and fall is the perfect time to do it. This allows you the time to discover any problems and to have them repaired promptly before the cold season starts.

What you may not know is that any small cracks in the membrane of your commercial roof can be made much worse when rainwater freezes and expands. Any gaps in the flashing can also be expanded as this happens. If the water can freeze in the drainage system, there is a risk of severe damage.

You’ll want to identify all problems that can be repaired before the risks become elevated by freezing temperatures. A complete inspection should be conducted with focus on the following at a minimum:

  • Ensuring downspouts and gutters are free and clear of debris
  • Internally draining downspouts should be free and clear
  • Membranes should be in excellent condition with no cracks or dips
  • All drainage points should be free of debris
  • Seals and flashing should be in good condition
  • Roof ventilation should have no debris
  • The entire roof should have no signs of deterioration, damage, or weakness

2. Follow Up With Any Needed Repairs As Soon As Possible

If any repair needs are identified during the inspection, it is critical to follow up with them as soon as possible. While your commercial roof can be repaired during the winter, it’s not ideal. As mentioned, freezing water can worsen problems with your roofing membrane, so it’s better to remedy these issues before this happens.

Timely repairs can save money by preventing the problem from worsening. They can even extend the life of your roof in many cases. So, when you receive a list of recommendations from your roofing contractor, don’t put them off for another day – act quickly to save time and money.

3. Clean Your Commercial Roof

While Fort Worth, TX, doesn’t see a lot of snow, there is the potential for rain throughout the winter. If the temperature drops low enough, the rainwater can freeze, leading to problems if your roof is not adequately prepared.

Before winter starts, you must remove all fall debris that has gathered on your rooftop. You’ll need to ensure all drainage systems are clear so the water is free-flowing at all times when it rains. Anything that blocks the water could lead to problems with the water freezing in place.

If your gutters are not cleaned out, you could end up with ice dams following a freezing rainstorm. This can cause significant damage to your rooftop and gutter system, costing you a lot of money in repairs.

4. Have A Plan For Ice Removal

In the event that the weather takes a turn for the worst and there is a significant number of days in a row with freezing temperatures that do not warm up, you’ll need a plan for ice removal from your commercial roof.

Remember, this can be a dangerous task due to the slippery nature of the ice. If you’re uncomfortable or don’t have the resources, consider hiring a professional to perform the maintenance.

In most cases, the weather does warm up soon after a freeze, contributing to the freeze-thaw cycle that can damage your commercial roof. In these cases, it’s essential to ensure your roof is free of debris and damage so that the water safely leaves the surface.

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