The Change Of Seasons Is A Reminder To Get Your Roof Inspected

The Change Of Seasons Is A Reminder To Get Your Roof Inspected

The days growing cooler and shorter are a sure sign that winter is around the corner. It’s also a reminder that it’s time to get your roof ready for foul weather.That means a roof inspection is in order. Choose from the many Fort Worth roofing companies and schedule to have a professional roofer come out for an inspection.

Why You Should Hire Someone To Inspect Your Roof

It may be tempting to perform a roof inspection yourself and call it done. After all, if you don’t see any gaping holes or sections denuded of shingles, everything’s OK – right? No quite. An experienced professional will be able to identify small issues and potential problems before they become major headaches. It may turn out that your roof is in fine shape for the upcoming winter. But if it isn’t, it’s better to discover and address the problem before winter weather arrives.

What The Inspector Will Look At

Flashing – The metal around things on your roof, such as chimneys and vent pipes, are called flashing. Damaged or inadequate flashing can allow rainwater and melting snow to enter the interior of your home. This moisture can cause rot to your home’s infrastructure and damage to ceilings and walls.

Shingles – Asphalt shingles have a sandpaper-like granule surface. Loss of granules is an indication that it is time to replace the shingles. Also, torn, warped or curled shingles is a sign that you need a new roof.

Attic – The underside of your roof, visible from the attic, has a lot to say about the roof’s overall condition. Water stains and condensation are a pretty good indicator that moisture is invading the structure. Also from the attic, the inspector will check for structural damage that could cause major problems if left unaddressed.

When talking to Fort Worth roofing companies about an inspection, be sure to inquire as to whether an inspection fee will be waived if you ultimately have the company repair any damage that might be found.