Technology Advances In Residential Roof Repair In Lake Worth, TX

6 Advances In Roofing Technology That
Benefits Residential Roof Repair
In Lake Worth, TX

Discover The Tech That
Improves Roof Repairs

Like any industry, the roofing industry has seen many technological advances that lead to better Lake Worth, TX residential roof repair. The new technology may not be used daily, but it will become standard in roofing practices in the future.

But how are you benefitting from these advances in technology? Let’s look at these six technological advances and how they benefit every homeowner.

1. Drones For A Bird’s Eye View
Of Your Tarrant County Home

While drones started as something used by the military, they slowly entered the consumer market. You have probably seen the kids in your neighborhood flying them around, much similar to past generations with toy helicopters.

Drones have proven highly valuable when dealing with residential roof repair. It allows for a bird’s eye view of the entire roof, so problem areas can easily be seen on screen. From the view we see via the drone, a professional can pinpoint where to climb and see with their own two eyes.

Homeowners will find it gives them a better understanding of what is going on with their roof as they, too, can see the images that the drone is sending back to the computer or tablet. It makes annual roofing inspections much easier and safer for everyone involved.

2. Weather-Resistant Asphalt For Residential Roof Repair

What if your old roof could be repaired with a weather-resistant section of asphalt? It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!

Many asphalt manufacturers utilize the latest technology to ensure that each shingle is weather-resistant. While it is not entirely weatherproof, being weather-resistant will lessen the number of times roofs must be repaired or replaced.

Hail is one of the biggest culprits that cause damage to asphalt roofs, and often, the damage is not seen immediately, leading to further damage. The weather-resistant asphalt gives homeowners more peace of mind in knowing they are protected.

The weather-resistant asphalt gives homeowners more peace of mind in knowing they are protected. Many homeowners who need a repair and see the value of these new shingles often opt for a replacement to give that level of protection to their entire roof, and we don’t blame them!

3. Smart Roofs That Detect When Residential
Roof Repair Is Needed

Smart roofs are designed with sensors that tell you when a leak has been detected or other damage has happened. The sensors use Wi-Fi to message the connected device that residential roof repair is needed to correct the problem.

Currently, this tech is seen in the commercial industry for those buildings that house essential technology. Still, many professionals believe it is a piece of technology to be on the lookout for to hit the residential market.

4. Cool Roofing For Lake Worth, TX Homes

The use of smart devices throughout a home is nothing new; however, having a smart roof is one of the latest technological advancements that will probably be coming to one of your neighbors in the next few years.

Cool roofing is white roofing placed on a home meant to deflect the sun’s rays, keeping your home cooler. Cool roofing has been an option for many homeowners for years, but it is really just now taking off.

If you have ever driven somewhere and seen a white roof, you now understand it wasn’t a color decision – it was for the energy efficiency it offers.

5. Architectural Composite Shingles For Tarrant County Roofs

When looking at your various choices for asphalt shingles, architectural composite shingles are considered the best of the best. The technology has been around since the early 80’s. However, it has only gotten better with time.

The architectural composite shingles seen on the market today have been designed to mimic other types of roofing to allow homeowners to create the look they truly want. However, the amount of life they boast turns most homeowners to these types of shingles.

Architectural composite shingles have an average lifespan of up to 50 years but can last even longer with proper maintenance. These shingles are made to be more robust to withstand all Mother Nature may throw at them.

6. The Future Of Robotics And Nanotechnology
For Residential Roof Repair

While not available now, many scientists and engineers are researching how robots and nanotechnology could be helpful to roofers, especially when looking at a difficult or unsafe residential roof repair.

Imagine roofers coming to your home and, rather than risking injury, using robots to repair the damaged section of your roof. Or they use nanotechnology to investigate a damaged area more thoroughly!

The future of what robotics and nanotechnology will do for the roofing industry is still a dream, but it may be closer than most people think.

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