Summer Damage To Azle, TX Commercial Roofing

Summer Weather And Your Azle, TX Commercial
Roofing: What You Should Be Concerned About

The 5 Long-Term Negative Side Effects
Summer May Have On Your Roof

When the intense heat of summer hits, if your Azle, TX commercial roofing could talk, it would not be singing a happy tune about summer lovin’, sunshine on a cloudy day, or the like. While the summer weather brings about thoughts of kids running through sprinklers, fireworks, shorts, and popsicles for us, for a roof, the summer weather can mean damage.

But how are commercial roofs in Tarrant and Parker Counties affected by summer weather? Let’s look at what could happen to your commercial roof in the summer and see if you can do anything to protect it.

1. Commercial Roofing Is At High Risk For Retaining
Moisture During The Summer

With the heat and humidity of summer, many commercial roofs suffer from retaining moisture. This is especially true in our area due to the high humidity.

What does this mean for your roof? It could mean you start to see ponding water areas on the roof. While they may be small, they can still pack a punch to your roofing system.

This ponding water isn’t due to any storms that have traveled through the area; it’s due to condensation building up. Ultimately, it can weaken your roof system, which can lead to an early replacement. In worst-case scenarios, parts of the roof could start sagging, which is definitely a cause for concern.

So, what should be your plan of action if you believe your roof is retaining moisture? If you start to see signs, you need a roofing contractor to take a look and fix what is wrong. The sooner you fix it, the less likely you will suffer the worst-case scenario later!

2. Damage To Commercial Roofing Systems From
The Sun’s Rays

Yes, your roof can suffer from sunburn and damage like a person. Granted, it won’t turn red, but the damage is done.

When the sun beats down on a roof, the UV rays degrade the roofing material. You may notice that your once black rubber roof is cracked, graying, and in poor shape.

While there is no such thing as sunblock for your roof, there are ways that you can help prevent severe UV ray damage from occurring. Depending on your roof type and material, you may find that having your roofer put on a roof coating system is all it takes to help your roof block most of the sun’s rays.

3. Thermal Shock Is Always A Risk With Commercial Roofing

All commercial roofs deal with thermal shock every summer. During the heat of the day, a roof can reach 180 degrees or more. However, the roof cools as the sun goes down.

The heat expands the roof while the coolness shrinks it. This process is referred to as thermal shock.

When a roof suffers from thermal shock, you may not notice signs right away. However, over time, the thermal shock can cause gaps in the roof or make the roof appear uneven.

Sadly, this is not something that you can really prevent. The key to ensuring that thermal shock doesn’t take a toll on your roof, leading to replacing it, is to make timely repairs whenever you spot any damage. Keeping your roof in the best shape possible decreases the chances of thermal shock having lasting effects.

4. Some Roofing Materials Are Prone To Drying

When you sit outside on a hot summer day, chances are you have cold water in your hand and are drinking more water than normal. The sun can be drying to you, just like it can your roof.

Depending on your roofing material, the sun can dry it out, leading to cracks that can later leak. For those with a rubber roof, your contractor may suggest a coating to help prevent cracking.

5. Popped Seams And Loose Screws On Commercial
Roofing Due To Heat

Whether your commercial roof is made of metal or another material, you still have to worry about popped seams and loose screws. As the sun beats down on your roof, your exhaust vents, skylights, or other features can suffer the consequences.

The heat will start to loosen the screws and pop seams throughout the roof. While your exhaust vents and skylights will not fall out of the roof, the next storm that hits may mean you have massive leaks throughout your commercial building.

The key to not feeling the pain of popped seams and loose screws is to ensure you have routine inspections of your roof. While you cannot prevent it from happening, you can help prevent the chance of leaks by catching these early.

Let First Texas Roofing Help Your Azle, TX Commercial
Roofing Beat The Summer Weather

We are all happy to see warmer temperatures and sunny skies when summer arrives. However, knowing how your commercial roofing will be affected in Azle, TX, it is important to have professional roofers on your side who know what to look for.

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