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Five Things To Remember If Your Roof Is Damaged During A Fort Worth Texas Storm

The Fort Worth area has seen some record breaking storms in the last few weeks. Even bigger is the number of homes that have seen damages due to the hail, winds, and tornadoes that have been ripping through the state. If you wake up one morning to roof damage, there are a few things that you need to remember to make sure that you’re hiring the right roofer and to avoid more problems down the road.

  1. Above all – Stay calm. We know. This is probably one of the most difficult things to do, especially when you can see the stars… from inside your home… by looking up into the gaping hole in your roof. However, the more worried and panicked that you get, the more likely you are to make a strictly emotional decision, and hire the first roofer that gives you a bid.
  2. Never Hire The First Roofer You Meet With. Ever. – Unless that roofer is us. We’re kidding. But seriously, storm chasers (as they are known in our industry) are typically not local Texans and are almost always more interested in getting the sale than helping you find a good solution to your needs. Meet with two or three roofers. Get a feel for each one, what their process is like, if they make you feel comfortable, etc. Be wary of low ball bids. The lowest bid might not be the best bid. You don’t want to substitute quality for a lower price.
  3. Don’t Assume You Need A Roof Replacement – Seriously – DON’T. In fact, one of the first questions you need to ask anyone who inspects your roof is “How many homes in my area have you evaluated that DIDN’T need roofs”. The answer to that questions is going to tell you all you need to know. Many roofers out there will try to sell you on the idea of a brand new roof claiming that the damage is too bad to fix. Sometimes, this is true. Other times, that roofer is just trying to make more money from you. You’re a dollar sign, and not a customer. You may be able to avoid a full replacement and get a roof repair, but only in situations where repairing will not sacrifice the quality of your roof overall. This is a decision that only a qualified roofer can make, which is why it’s essential that you hire a roofer that you can trust.
  4. Reputation Matters – Anyone can say that they’re an excellent roofer – it doesn’t necessarily make it true. Before you hire someone, take a look at their reputation online. What are people saying on Yelp? Do they have a decent following on Facebook? Do they have an A+ rating with the BBB? Do they have quality references that they offer to you before you ask? Do some serious research first!
  5. If you notice that a company doesn’t have ANY reviews – this is a sure-fire reason to not use them. The reason why they have no reviews could be that they’re a brand new company – do you want to trust them with something as important as your roof? They could also be a company that had such negative reviews that they started over fresh. Do you want to run that risk?
  6. Ask your family and friends if they’ve heard of the company, do your research, and make sure you’re hiring someone who is good enough that people want to sing their praises.
  7. Choose A Local Fort Worth Roofer – When a storm hits the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area, out of town roofers flock in to grab as much business as they can. They take the money, do the job, and run. This isn’t to say that there aren’t good out-of-town roofers, but the issue comes after the job is done. Those out-of-towners go back to their homes in other cities, hundreds or thousands of miles away. If an issue happens to arise and you need them to come back out to your home – chances are, they won’t. Choosing a local roofer is a way to ensure that you will have the ability to contact them days, months, or years down the line should you need to.

Part of choosing a roofer is going with your gut – who makes you feel most comfortable? Another part is having all of the information that you need to make an informed decision. From getting several bids, to doing your research on the credentials of each and every roofer you meet with, it’s important that you’re educated.

Don’t Choose A Roofer Based On Desperation. Choose A Roofer Based On Skill, Expertise, Proven Track Record, And Reputation. It’s What You, Your Home, And Family Deserve.

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