Steps To Take Immediately After Noticing A Leak In Your Roof

6 Steps To Take Immediately After Noticing
A Leak In Your Roof

How To Keep The Problem From Becoming Much Larger

If you’re like most Fort Worth, TX, homeowners, you probably don’t give your roof too much thought on a daily basis. Its protection can easily be taken for granted until something happens, such as finding a leak. When your roof starts leaking, there are six steps you need to take immediately to prevent the problem from becoming even worse.

1. Protect Your Belongings

The very first thing you need to do is move anything you own away from the leak. This will prevent damage to your belongings. Additionally, by moving any furniture, throw rugs, or anything else with a porous surface, you can avoid mold growing inside your home. 

Anything that can be damaged by water needs to be as far from the leak as possible. If it’s already wet, dry it off the best you can to preserve it. This includes going into the attic if you have belongings stored there.

If the leak is near an outlet, cover it thoroughly to prevent water from getting inside. You can use a plastic bag as long as it is tightly covered.

2. Contain The Water

Once all your belongings are moved, it’s time to contain the water. Use whatever you have handy, whether it’s buckets or pots. Collecting the water will also give you insight into how bad the leak is and the rate at which the water is entering the damaged area.

As the containers fill up, you’ll want to dump them outside, as there could be pieces of your roof or attic insulation in the water. You will not want these pieces to be disposed of inside your home.

3. Release Any Pressure That’s Building Up

If you notice any areas in your ceiling where the pressure is building up, you’ll need to release it before the water spreads, causing more damage. These areas will look like hanging bulges in the ceiling material.

The best practice is to take something small, like a screwdriver, and puncture the lowest hanging part of the bulge. Be ready with a bucket to catch the water as it comes out. If there is excessive water, you may need to make several holes. Not doing this could result in the bulge bursting on its own, making a huge mess.

4. Take Photographs And Video Of The Damage

You’ll need to document the entire incident for your insurance company. Take photographs from the beginning and as the event continues. If you can, a video is also helpful. The more information and proof you have, the better your claim will be processed with your insurance company. 

Once you have this information, you’ll need to call the insurance company to start your claim. They’ll need as much information as you can give to fully understand the situation. It may be more beneficial to have a trusted local roof leak repair company on your side when dealing with your agency.

5. Examine And Tarp The Roof

Once the weather clears up, you’ll have to examine your roof. It is critical that you do not take any risks when doing this. If you can see the damage from the ground, it is better to inspect from there than to climb on the roof. You’ll need this information for the insurance company and the Texas roofing company when you call them.

If you cannot get immediate roof leak repair for some reason, you’ll need to take precautionary measures and tarp over the damage. While this requires you to go up on your roof, you must take the utmost care to prevent accidents. If you have difficulty finding the damage, try gauging it based on where the leak is inside.

The tarp must extend at least four feet across the damage and up to the peak. It should be at least six millimeters thick. This will ensure you get the most protection from any further rainstorms.

6. Call A Local Roofing Company

You’ll need to call a local roof leak repair company to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. When you call, provide as much detail as possible about the damage and the leak, as it will help them determine the course of action.

You must not wait to fix this problem because a small roof leak left unrepaired today can mean an entire roof replacement tomorrow. 

When they come to your home, they will thoroughly inspect the problem area and the rest of the roof to determine if there are any other spots that appear to be ready to fail. 

Ensure you choose a local roof repair company with an excellent reputation. When you choose the best option, you’ll also find someone more than willing to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to help you get the optimal coverage for your claim.

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