Some Important Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor In Keller TX

Some Important Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor In Keller TX

Before you hire any roofing contractor, there are some important questions that you should ask. Of course, you might not know what to even consider. Perhaps you could speak to some friends who have recently had their roofs done to get a feel for what some common concerns are. The internet is a great place to find some resources as well. The following are some important questions to ask when you are hiring a roofing contractor in Keller TX.

First of all, you need to know if the contractor is licensed. If the answer is “yes,” find out if they are up to code with the requirements for where you live. You can find out the code requirements after doing a little research. Only do work with a contractor who is licensed for the area in which you live, and who has kept the license current and up to date.

Next, ask the roofing contractor in Keller TX if they carry general liability insurance. This type of coverage will take care of your home and your property in case the contractor does something wrong. Without the insurance coverage, you could end up footing the costly mistake of a professional that you hire. Accidents happen, and even the best contractors could make them. Make sure that you see the actual insurance certificate, and if you feel you need extra confirmation, call the insurance company.

Finally, ask the roofers if they will remove your old roof before replacement. In some situations, the contractor will require that you remove it yourself, and will not touch the project until it is done. A good contractor will do the removal for you. As they take it apart, they will be able to inspect it to see if there are any additional repairs that need to be made.

Obviously there are a lot more questions that you should ask a roofing contractor in Keller TX, but this will give you a good start. Make sure you trust your contractor so that you can enjoy your new roof.