Is Slate Roofing Worth The Investment?

Slate is a long lasting and sturdy staple in the world of building materials. Its got a strong history in the world of home construction and a reputable reputation as a choice in shingles. The cost and difficult installation process can make buyers looking to install slate shingles hesitant. The price can feel like a lot to commit to when considering the investment, but slate has a lot to give back as a roofing material. Examining its strengths can help a buyer feel confident in their decision.


Slate’s biggest draw for home buyers is how long it lasts. The lifespan can clock in at over a century if natural slate is used. Barring a major disaster, the sturdy nature of slate can last longer than the homeowners on many occasions. It’s not uncommon for slate to muscle through 150 years before needing to be replaced.

Visual Appeal

Slate exemplifies class in the industry of home architecture. The timeless and celebrated look created by slate is one that draws buyer appeal instantly. It comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses, making it easy to create a beautiful and eye-catching roof that complements the design of the house.

Environmentally Friendly

Your roofer in Fort Worth, TX can create a sturdy, environmentally sound roof for you using slate. With roofing materials making up five percent of the waste being sent to landfills, longer lasting roofs can be the way to go for those looking to reduce their carbon footprints.

Fire Safe

Slate is great if you’re living in an area prone to wildfires. Slate as a material is naturally fireproof, making slate one of the safest roofing materials Texas homeowners can choose.

Slate is a hefty investment for someone looking to replace an old roof or add roofing to their new home. While not the easiest roofing to install, the money out of pocket for slate is an investment in a roof that will protect your home for over a century. The classic, beautiful look of slate roofing will keep your home dry and fire-free throughout your family’s lifetime.

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