Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair in Willow Park, TX

6 Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair
In Willow Park, TX

Watch Out For These Common Commercial Roof Problems

When you are trying to determine if your Willow Park, TX commercial roof needs repairs, it’s helpful to be able to identify the signs of damage. Not all types of damage are visible or easy to spot.

It takes a trained eye and a skilled commercial roof repair contractor to not only spot damage before it becomes severe but also offer the right repair solutions. Here are some reasons why commercial roof repair may be necessary for your business.

1. Leaks

Leaks are usually the most obvious sign of commercial roof damage, but unfortunately, they are not one of the first signs. By the time you notice your roof leaking, the damage could be extensive.

Commercial roofing repairs can help stop leaks and make your roof strong again,but it’s best to keep up with regular maintenance and arrange for annual inspections to catch roofing problems before they result in leaks or other serious damage.

2. Blistering

Blisters occur when water and moisture get between the underlayment and the roof’s membrane. This can occur quickly or over time. Blistering can go from bad to worse quickly, so it’s important to arrange for commercial roof repairs as soon as you notice it.

Once water and air have found their way between the membrane and underlayment, it can spread across the entire roof and eventually cause blistering across the entire surface.

3. Balding Membrane

Your roof’s membrane can become damaged when high winds cause it to blow up and bubble.

Wind, debris, and rain can wear down the surface of the membrane and eventually cause it to rip or tear. Once the membrane has punctured, it allows water to leak into the building and cause damage.

4. Flashing Damage

The flashing helps protect the seams on your building where the roof meets the chimneys, vents, and other vertical structures.

The flashing can become damaged alongside other portions of the roof or could be the only part that is damaged. If the flashing looks bent, cracked, doesn’t fit against the roof tightly, or is missing, it may need to be replaced or repaired.

5. Gutter Problems

Gutters work with the roof to drain water away from the building and help protect it. If the gutters are clogged, broken, or aren’t functioning properly, they can’t do their job.

This makes it possible for water to pool on the roof, where it can break down the underlayment and the membrane.

6. Age

If you have an old roof and are noticing small problems, it could be a sign that there are bigger issues to deal with. Roofing materials have different lifespans, and once they pass those expectations, they start to break down and become damaged more easily.

If you know your roof is old, it’s best to have it inspected to determine if any repairs are necessary or if it’s time to have it replaced.

What’s The Best Approach For Commercial Roof Damage?

If you realize your commercial roof is in need of repairs, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced commercial roof contractor. Arrange for an inspection so you can get a comprehensive understanding of the extent of the damage.

Once you have a reasonable expectation of the cost and time it will take to make the repairs, you can move forward with them.

Generally, roof replacement can be done while you still conduct business as usual. If damage is extensive, you may need a full replacement.

Contact your insurance company to find out if the repairs will be covered by your policy. They may request to have the results of an assessment or an estimate sent to them so they can review it before they approve your claim.

Don’t put off the repairs. The longer your roof is left exposed to the elements, the worse the problem will become and the more at risk it is for water damage.

Choose A Trusted Commercial Roof Repair Company
To Protect Your Property

If your Willow Park, TX commercial building is showing signs of roof damage, it’s important to act quickly. Your business is your livelihood, and if your roof fails and you are unable to stay open, it could have serious effects on your life. 

Don’t trust just anyone to handle something so important. Choose First Texas Roofing for all your commercial roofing repair needs. 

Our team of experienced and skilled contractors are ready to protect your business and give you the peace of mind of knowing you have a safe and sturdy roof over your head. 

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