Signs Of Roofing Damage That You Could Easily Miss

5 Easy-To-Miss Signs Of Roofing Damage On Your Fort Worth, TX, Home

A Trusted Roofing Contractor Helps Spot And Repair Minor To Major Roof Damage

Most Fort Worth, TX, residents think of roofing damage as easy-to-spot holes or missing shingles – the result of falling trees. But some roofing damage doesn’t look like broken limbs and apparent holes. Sometimes the damage is much subtler and goes unnoticed for months or years by homeowners.

These minor damages can go unaddressed unless you know what to look for, leading to costlier and more significant issues later. Though you don’t need to be an expert roofer, it’s crucial for every homeowner to at least know the signs of wear and damage, knowing when to call a professional roofing company before it’s too late.

Once you spot a problem area, it’s easy to call the pros to fix it and possibly prevent leaks or much more noticeable damage. There are five signs of roofing damage that might be easy to miss.

1. Rusted Or Dented Flashing

Flashing is a thin material placed in areas of your roof where surfaces intersect. So, for instance, flashing is used along chimneys and bathroom vents. It closes the gap between the two surfaces, preventing water from entering.

Flashing is typically made out of metals, such as galvanized steel, and it starts to rust over time. It also may get dented during hail storms or from fallen tree limbs. When your flashing is damaged, water can seep through your underlayment, ceiling, and into your home if left unattended.

Giving your flashing a thorough examination regularly and after bad storms will help spot damage before leaks can get through. When you spot the damaged flashing early enough, it can be a relatively inexpensive and easy fix.

2. Granule Loss On Shingles

Granules are essential for protecting the integrity of your shingles, allowing them to do their job correctly. Large storms, especially hail storms, are known for knocking granules off your shingles, exposing them to damaging effects like UV rays.

Though granule loss may be tricky to notice, look for dark or bald spots on your roof. It might be necessary to get closer for better examination, as smaller amounts of granule loss are harder to spot.

Again, this is an easy fix if spotted early enough. Shingle replacement is typically inexpensive and doesn’t take too long, depending on how many shingles need to be replaced.

3. Mold Between Roof And Exterior Walls

If kick-out flashing is missing from areas of your exterior home where your roof connects with a wall, you might notice mold growth along the edge. It may take years for mold to start forming, which is subtle damage that you won’t see immediately.

However, once you see mold, you have a bigger issue on your hands, so it’s easier to ensure you have kick-out flashing everywhere your roof meets an exterior wall. This helps direct water away from your home instead of letting it drip down the side. 

If you spot mold, chances are your home is experiencing wood rot and damaged sheathing and might need frame replacement.

4. Higher Energy Bills

Though a number of possibilities may cause higher-than-average energy bills, it’s always a good thing to get your roof checked out when you notice this. In terms of roofing damage, why would your cooling and heating bills go up?

Anything from missing or damaged shingles to damaged flashing can cause more than water to seep into your home – outside air can also leak through. A roof’s job is to not only protect your home but to keep it insulated as well. 

If any part of your roofing system is compromised, unwanted outdoor air can slowly drift into your attic. Improper attic insulation will quickly affect your home’s temperature, throwing your HVAC system into overdrive.

5. Ceiling Stains

Some homeowners think ceiling stains are a pretty obvious sign of roofing damage. However, they surprisingly go unnoticed until they become big enough to be a big problem. We recommend looking up more often, looking for the start of a water stain before it spreads.

It’s especially critical to look at the ceiling near vents and fans in the bathroom and kitchen, as this is typically where water seeps in from your roof. Damaged vent caps or improper insulation around the duct can create moisture buildup and condensation, causing water stains on your bathroom ceiling.

Avoid These Easy-To-Miss Issues With Our Fort Worth, TX, Roofing Company

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