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When your White Settlement, TX commercial roofing needs repair, maintenance, or replacement, First Texas Roofing is the trustworthy professional to turn to.

Many commercial building owners throughout Tarrant County rely on the experience that First Texas Roofing brings to the table. They trust us to handle their buildings professionally, knowing we are on their side.

With over 15 years of experience, you can easily trust First Texas Roofing to handle your commercial roofing issue.

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Flat Commercial Roof With Tech Completing Maintenance

Commercial Roofing

Our commercial roofing services are your one-stop shop for all your commercial needs. We offer replacement, repair, and maintenance on commercial roofs, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Commercial Roof Replacement

We offer several types of materials that we can replace your roof with. These include TPO, PVC, metal, modified bitumen, and asphalt. You are welcome to go with the type of roof you have always had or switch it to something new.

Commercial Roof Repair

Our repair services are meant to help stop any problems that may have cropped up due to storm damage or other unforeseeable issues. You can contact us when you need a repair, and we will address the problem ASAP.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Our commercial maintenance service is meant to ensure you get the life out of your roof that you should. Who better to maintain your roof than the professionals who installed it?

Commercial Roof Inspections

For many businesses, having their roof inspected annually is a part of their insurance requirements. Business owners also want to ensure they plan when repairs or replacements will be needed. We offer commercial inspections that will check your roof at all points!

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White Metal Roof On Commercial Building

Why First Texas Roofing Should Be Your
First Choice For Commercial Roofing

Honesty, Integrity & Customer Service

Honest At Every Turn

One of the core components missing from the roofing industry is honesty. Too many roofers want to make an extra buck, so they upsell people and make them think the worst is approaching fast.

Here at First Texas Roofing, we are honest to a fault. Thus, if your commercial roof needs a simple repair, we offer that. We aren’t going to lie about what you need.

Our Integrity Always Shines

We aren’t using pushy sales tactics to get you to sign a contract with us. Instead, we lay out what you need, how much we will complete the work for, and leave the ball in your court.

Stellar Customer Service

When you have your quote, the owner will arrive on-site to show what you need. But don’t think that is the last you will see of him, as he will be here during your repair or replacement.

That is just one facet of our amazing customer service that customers love. Add in the friendly and professional crews doing the work, and most customers agree we make the roofing experience less stressful.

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What First Texas Roofing Customers Are Saying

They Love Our Honest Approach

First Texas Roofing did an excellent job replacing the roof on our home and six other buildings. I’ve never seen guys work as hard as they did to beat the weather to ensure a completed job before the next round of storms. I highly recommend First Texas Roofing!
Kerri E.

There is no company I would trust more to replace my roof or construct a new porch for my backyard. These guys do great work and are very courteous and prompt. They are also A+ Rated by the BBB.
David M.

Had my roof replaced by First Texas Roofing. That was the best decision I could have made. Doug made me feel comfortable; he handled all the insurance, and my out-of-pocket expenses were almost nothing. His crew’s professionalism shocked me – I felt like royalty.
Bryan B.

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Common Commercial Roofing Questions
Asked In White Settlement, TX

Q: Will An Inspection Point Out Potential Future Issues?

A: Yes, our inspections consider any weak points that may be present, accounting for age and any other issues we may notice. These inspections can be a great way to know when you may need to budget for a future replacement or repairs.

Q: What Is The Process For Replacing A Commercial Roof?

A: A commercial roof replacement has several moving factors, and each case is different. Ultimately, we start with getting the material you have decided on, then select a date that works for your schedule. Many commercial locations like to have their roof replaced on days they are not busy or are closed.

Q: How Long Will Commercial Roof Replacement Take?

A: We will give you a timeline of when the work will be completed during the quote process. However, given the size of most commercial roofs, it usually takes a few days to complete.

Q: Do You Recommend A Repair Over Replacement?

A: At First Texas Roofing, we believe in being honest and upfront about your roof needs. Thus, if a repair suffices, that is what we recommend. We aren’t out to upsell you – we want to give you what you need.

Q: Do You Help Businesses With Their Insurance Claims?

A: Yes, we work with insurance companies all the time, including both residential and business claims.

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