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Efficient Roof Replacement in Weatherford

Efficient Roof Replacement in Weatherford, Texas
Your roof deserves the best care possible. After all, it protects you, your family and your belongings from harsh weather conditions. That is why First Texas Roofing is ready to handle any roofing project you need done, whether it involves an insurance claim or you are upgrading your current roof. We have the tools and knowledge required to perform lasting roof replacement in Weatherford.

It’s Your Home, So Everything Is About You

When we come to view your roof and provide an estimate, the numbers do not reflect how many corners we plan to cut or discounts for using shoddy material. The price comes from knowing exactly how much quality materials cost and the kind of budget you have available. If your insurance is involved, we’ll work directly with them to help you understand your coverage.

Part of our services include discussing your shingle options, since asphalt shingles can be primarily fiberglass or organic. Fiberglass shingles provide unparalleled fire-resistance while organic shingles are best used for homes that experience frequent high winds.

Call the Contractor You Can Trust

Don’t navigate your insurance claim alone. With our help, you can minimize haggling and maximize your coverage. Use our contact form or call our office directly at (817) 821-0323. We’re happy to help.