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Quality Roofing Services You Can Count On

Roof Replacement In Cool That Will Last

  • Quality roofing services require a hands-on approach
  • Every job we do is performed under the direct supervision of ownership
  • We’ll help handle all facets of your roof repair project

Roof Repair Delivered With A Personal Touch

Helping Cool Homeowners Enjoy Continued Comfort And Security

Talk to most contractors offering roof replacement in Cool and you’ll likely hear the same thing over-and-over again: “I’ll put my best guy on it.” In most cases, however, the contractor truly is his or her company’s “best guy.” Therefore, if he or she can’t ensure a continued presence on your job site, are you truly getting the best work the contractor has to offer?

That’s not a question you need concern yourself with when you work with First Texas Roofing. Our owner believes in delivering hands-on work, which is why he is at every job site, every day. Bottom line: When it comes to your roofing project, we’re COMMITTED.

Of course, delivering high-quality roof replacement in Cool requires more than just the effort put into the actual job itself. There’s the work that goes into ensuring your expenses are covered by your homeowners insurance. Fortunately, we’ve worked with countless insurance providers in the past and can lend our expertise into helping get your roof repair or replacement paid for.

We’re ready to put our “best guys” to work on your roofing project. To learn more about the services we offer, take a moment to fill out our online contact form. You can also call us directly at 817.821.0323.