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When your Azle, TX commercial roofing is distressed, it can feel like a weight is pressing down on your shoulders. How will roof replacement or repair affect your business? Does the roof need TLC now?

A Tarrant County business owner has tons to deal with, and it can be stressful when the roof becomes another problem. So, what can you do?

You are already dealing with so much in keeping your business running, so your best course of action is to call commercial roofing experts. At First Texas Roofing, we are those experts you can rely on.

We are here to ensure your roof is as good as possible so you can focus on keeping your business running.

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Your Azle, TX Commercial Roofing
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Commercial Roof In Need Of Work In Azle, TX

Our Dependable Commercial Roofing Services

Whether you need a commercial roof repair or commercial roof replacement, we’re your source for trusted services in Azle, TX and Tarrant County.

Commercial Roof Replacement

We work with local Azle, TX businesses to replace their roof when needed. We offer several types of commercial roofing types, including:

  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Metal
  • Asphalt Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen

So, you have tons of choices that you can opt for. We can work with you to determine which material will look the best and work with the structure of your roof.

Commercial Roof Repair

When a roof needs repair, we can make that happen. When we look at your commercial roof and note that a repair will ensure several more years of use, we will recommend that over replacements.

Commercial Roof Inspections

Getting your roof inspected is a yearly activity many business owners need. This way, they will not be surprised when a replacement is needed, which can help with insurance rates. We inspect roofs to ensure you are safe and let you know everything we find.

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The Process When You Work With
First Texas Roofing In Azle, TX

The number of horror stories out there associated with commercial roofing is numerous. It makes sense that business owners are a little weary of trusting anyone. However, we are here for you to make the process easier.

But why are we the company to turn to for commercial roofing? Because we promise to offer you the best:

  • Possible price
  • Customer service
  • Explanation of what you need
  • Insurance negotiation, if needed

We will help you navigate the many steps associated with commercial roofing, and we will do it with a smile on our faces. Our attention to detail and desire to ensure you know what is going on is why you won’t have a roofing nightmare to deal with later.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

They Love Our Roofing!

“Like many people, getting roofing work done is not something I know much about. I am so happy I found First Texas Roofing. From start to finish, I was super pleased with my entire experience. They met with my insurance company and handled the claim from start to finish, making the daunting task much simpler and painless. I highly recommend them and would use them again should the need arise.”
Amber B.

“First Texas Roofing helped me out with a repair, and I was very impressed with their integrity and knowledge. I will hire them when it’s time to replace my roof.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect – roofers have a bit of a bad reputation. When they showed up, the tech shook my hand, smiled, and immediately put me at ease, letting me know that if there wasn’t a problem with my roof, he would not only tell me so but show me. Working with him was easy and painless. He worked directly with my insurance company to work on my roof, and in the end, it cost me almost zero dollars out of pocket. He was on time, and his crew cleaned up so well you would never have known they were there. I highly recommend First Texas Roofing.”
Bryan B.

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FAQ About Commercial Roofing

Q: Can Insurance Help With Commercial Roof Replacement?

A: Yes! Most business owners can make some type of claim on their insurance to help offset some of the cost. If your commercial roof damage is due to weather or another problem that was out of your control, there is a better chance of your insurance paying for a replacement.

Q: Is It Better To Replace Or Repair?

A: The answer to this depends on your commercial roof’s shape. Luckily, we offer both repair and replacement, so we will do what is best for your roof.

Q: How Will Commercial Roof Replacement Affect My Business?

A: We always try to ensure that we are not negatively affecting your business when replacing your roof. We will work with you for the best schedule so your customers are less likely to be affected.

Q: Does Commercial Roofing Take Weeks To Complete?

A: No! Who wants to deal with commercial roofing if it would take weeks? Yes, the roof is rather large, so it may take more than one day to complete, but it will not take weeks unless you have numerous buildings you need changed.

Q: Can I Opt For A Different Type Of Commercial Roofing Than What I Have?

A: Yes, as long as a new material would work well with the structure of your roof, you can switch materials. We can look at the different material options and which will work best with your roof at your quote.

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