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When your building is in need of Azle, TX commercial roof repair, you have choices as to what roofer you go with. However, if you are looking for a roofer who is on your side no matter what, that limits your options considerably.

Just about everyone in the Tarrant County area has heard those horror stories of roofers taking advantage of their customers. Here at First Texas Roofing, that will never happen.

We believe in offering commercial roof repair over replacement when your roof will be as good as new with a roof repair. Why pay more for something that you do not need? That is our philosophy.
And that is why so many trust us for their roofing needs!

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Quality Commercial Roof Repair In Azle, TX

A gray residential roof with a small skylight and trees in the background

Commercial Roof Repair

When a repair will suffice on your commercial roof, we make sure that is all that is done. Unlike other roofers out there who may encourage replacements, we always believe in doing what is the most cost-efficient for you, the commercial building owner.

We will inspect your roof and offer the repair that we think is best for the situation so you can decide what to do.

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Why Choose Us For Your Azle, TX
Commercial Roof Repair?

We Do It Better Than
The Competition

We Help You

One of the biggest reasons why we stand apart from the competition is because our goal is to help you. It is not to make a quick buck.

We want to ensure you understand the limits of your commercial roof and the repair that we are suggesting to make it one hundred percent again.

We Aren’t Your Typical Roofing Company

We aren’t the typical roofer who may encourage a roof replacement, even when a repair will suffice. We believe in being honest. In fact, when First Texas Roofing was started over fifteen years ago, it was with the idea to do the opposite of other roofers so people knew they could trust us!

Honest And Integrity

We have integrity and believe in being honest with everything that we tackle. It is this type of behavior that people in the Azle, TX area have come to expect from us. There is no better feeling than knowing we are thought of for being an honest roofer.

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First Texas Roofing Reviews

What Our Customers Say…

“We had a great experience with First Texas Roofing. Doug was very professional and knowledgeable regarding every detail. We will be using First Texas Roofing again!”
Hayley W.

“First Texas Roofing helped me out with a repair and I was very impressed with their integrity and knowledge. I will hire them when it’s time to replace my roof.”
R. G.

“My representative provided top-notch customer service. He showed up on time and finished on time for exactly the price quoted. I could not ask for a better experience.”
Joshua M.

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5 Questions Business Owners Ask About
Our Commercial Roof Repair

Q: Do We Prioritize Getting Roof Replacements Over Roof Repair?

A: No, if your commercial roof needs repair and will be fine for years to come, that is what we will recommend. We know many roofers are about encouraging replacements, often when a repair will suffice. We do what is best for you.

Q: Do You Have Examples Of Past Work?

A: We are super proud of the work that we have done, and we invite everyone to take a look at our Gallery, which includes photos from commercial and residential roofing projects.

Q: Does It Take Several Days To Complete A Repair?

A: The time it takes to repair your commercial roof varies according to the repair needed. We will estimate how long it will take once we discuss the issue with you.

Q: What Should I Do If My Commercial Roof Starts To Leak?

A: The first thing is to ensure you are getting a qualified professional to see the issue. However, as you wait for the professional to show up, you will want to put something under the leak to catch the water and ensure people know it’s there so they do not slip in the water.

Q: Can Insurance Companies Help Pay For Roof Repair?

A: If your roof is damaged due to something your insurance covers, your insurance policy will help pay for it. The key is to work with a company that can also help you navigate an insurance claim, which is something we have a lot of experience doing.

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