Selecting The Best Roofing Contractor

Selecting The Best Roofing Contractor

Before you hire a roofing contractor in the Forth Worth area, make sure you do your homework. You want to make sure you receive a quality job at a fair price, which will result in a roof that will last for many years to come. Here are some questions you should ask.

1. Do You Have Insurance? When interviewing contractors, ask for proof of worker’s compensation and liability insurance. This will protect you in the event of an accident. Otherwise, you may be held responsible if someone becomes injured or something is damaged on your property.

2. Are You Licensed? Since regulations vary in different communities, find out if a license is required where you live. Check with the local licensing office to see if your roofer’s contracting license is up to date.

3. Do You Have References? Ask to speak with individuals who hired the contractor from recent jobs. If possible, visit the job sites to view the work and speak with the customers to see if they are happy with the results.

4. Do You Hire Subcontractors? Most companies work on the entire project. If your roofing contractor uses subcontractors, request the second firm’s contact information, proof of insurance, licensing information and references. Their services should be included in the overall contract.

5. What is the Scope of Work? Make sure all details of the job are explicitly listed in the contract. For instance, if you have more than one layer of roofing, it will need to be removed before a new roof is installed.

6. Do You Provide a Warranty? Find out how long the roofing company guarantees its work. Most roofers offer a one-year warranty, but some might be longer. Also, find out how long coverage lasts for the materials that are used.

Before constructions starts, take the time to hire the right roofing contractor in Fort Worth. Your quality-built roof will serve you well for the next 20 to 30 years.