Saving On Energy Costs With Commercial Roofing

5 Ways To Save On Your Energy
Costs With Commercial Roofing
Systems In Weatherford, TX

Let First Texas Roofing Handle
Your Commercial Roof Repair
And Energy Concerns

When business owners think about Weatherford, TX commercial roof repair, they often think about the damage their roof may have. But commercial roof repairs aren’t just for fixing damage. They are also designed to make your commercial roof function better.

A commercial roof in Parker County that may be suffering is not only cause for concern regarding your building but can also affect your energy costs. Increased energy costs will happen when your commercial roof has issues, and business owners may not easily see some of these issues.

With this being said, check out these six ways building owners can save on their energy costs by ensuring their commercial roofing is up to standards!

1. Always Have Any Commercial Roof
Roof Repair Done When It Is Needed

There is no bigger threat to your building’s energy efficiency than a roof that has damage that hasn’t been addressed.

When roofs are damaged, they are not insulating the building properly. While most people immediately think of leaks, which can happen, there is also the chance of energy loss. This may mean your HVAC system works harder, resulting in a higher bill.

When your roofing professional states repairs need to be made, you need to make them. Otherwise, you could be spending more in the future.

2. Consider Commercial Roofing Systems
With Highly Reflective Surfaces

Commercial roofs with reflective surfaces can go a long way in saving you on energy costs. Since the surface is reflective, it doesn’t absorb the sun’s heat, which can help lower your energy bills.

Metal roofing is one of the most common reflective options for property owners in Parker County.

3. Always Think About The Color Of
Your Commercial Roof System

The color of your commercial roof can affect your energy costs. When you want to see savings, opt for a light-colored roof that reflects rather than absorbs the sun’s rays – similar to having a reflective roof on your property.

Light colors like white, light gray, or even pale green or blue can be found on commercial properties. Using dark gray or black can attract heat, making your building warm up more, resulting in your HVAC running more to cool it down. This can lead to higher energy costs!

4. The Commercial Roof Type Can Make A Difference

The type of commercial roof you choose can greatly affect your energy costs. When replacing your commercial roof, ensure you opt for insulation to be added, then pay attention to the type of roof.

You have several options: metal, TPO, PVC, membrane, and asphalt roofs. Are any of these better at saving you on your energy costs?

Luckily, you will find that all of these choices can be energy efficient. With the regulations that are seen today, not many products can get away with being inefficient because we all demand as much energy efficiency as possible.

5. Maintain Commercial Roofing Systems To Ensure
They Are At Their Best

Along with getting the much-needed commercial roof repairs when needed, maintaining your roof is important to ensure that it stays as energy efficient as possible and saves you money.

What does this mean? You should make sure your gutter systems are cleaned regularly, have the commercial roof inspected, and watch out for any signs that there could be a minor issue. Maintaining the commercial roof is a part of being a conscientious building owner.

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