Roofs For Texas Weather

Roofs For Texas Weather

It’s safe to say that weather is another of the many things that Texas does bigger. From blistering heat in the summer to cannonball-sized hail in the spring, the Lone Star State really does have it all. If you want your house to survive Mother Nature’s barrage, you need the right type of roof acting as a defense. A quality Fort Worth roofer will have a variety of options to match your preferred style, and it’s important that you pick the material that will keep looking pretty when the weather gets ugly.

Handle The Heat

Storms are somewhat unpredictable, but the relentless sun is a guarantee. Older shingle materials struggle with the heat, warping and blistering after too many days of temperatures in triple digits. Many homeowners opt to go with either metal roofing or clay tiles to combat this hot weather. Those options don’t deteriorate the way some materials do after overheating, and both can be installed in a variety of colors to match the existing aesthetic of your home. If you have a Fort Worth roofer install a metal roof, make sure it’s a color that doesn’t absorb too much heat.

Withstand The Water

After a few months of constant sun, many Texans get to prepare for monsoon-like rains. These extremes are part of the reason roofers prefer not to use wood shakes on top of people’s homes, as the heat weakens the material in time for the water to start pouring right through it. Slate tile is an alternative that has a natural look while being known for its durability and longevity, outlasting whatever the various seasons throw at it.

Texas weather keeps many a Fort Worth roofer in business, but there are roofing options that don’t need constant maintenance. With a little bit of searching you should be able to find a style you like that’s also strong enough to last.