Roof Repairs Vs. Replacement

Roof Repairs Vs. Replacement

The difference between needing a roof repair and a roof replacement can be a fine line. You don’t want to wait too long to do either one, but you also don’t want to replace your roofer sooner than you have to. Roofing companies in Fort Worth, TX, understand that line, but as a homeowner it is good to understand it too. These signs will tell you if you need to repair your roof or replace it.


When a repair is necessary, you may notice a small leak. However, the majority of your roof should be in good condition. You may just need to repair if:

  • You notice black algae.
  • There is a single leak.
  • A storm or high winds caused a sudden leak in your roof.

You should only do repairs if the majority of your roof is in good condition. Putting a band aid on a broken arm isn’t going to fix anything just as putting a patch on a roof that is failing won’t do any good.


The signs for replacing are going to be a lot less subtle and you will need to call in roofing companies in Fort Worth, TX, right away. If you notice these signs, you may need to replace your roof:

  • Missing, curling or blistering shingles.
  • Dark stains on your ceilings.
  • Growth of moss or lichen.
  • Piles of granules in your gutters.

These signs may tell you that your roof is not going to be worth repairing. You should also consider the age. If it is older than 20 years and you are having issues, you should replace your roof.

Talk To Professionals

Whether you need a roof repair or replacement, make sure to talk to a professional. Many roofing companies in Fort Worth, TX, will do free inspections in order to ascertain what your needs are. When the choice is too difficult for you to make, turn to the knowledge of an expert.