Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement?

Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement?

A leak in your roof is a good indicator of trouble, though it’s hard to know the extent of the damage right away. Maybe one of the shingles couldn’t handle the Texas heat, or maybe the wood underneath your paneling is rotting. When you bring in a Fort Worth, TX roofing contractor to make an assessment, the inspection should be thorough enough to determine if you might be able to repair the roof instead of installing a whole new one.

Source Of The Damage

The cause of your roof’s disrepair may be telling as to how fixable the problem is. If a tornado took off half of your roof, you’ll probably want to go with a full replacement; if a tree branch crashed down on one section of your house, you can probably hire a Fort Worth, TX roofing company to just replace the limited area that was hit. You want to have the same integrity throughout every section of your roof, because a few bad panels can shorten the lifespan of the surrounding materials. Any repairs that are done need to be complete and precise, otherwise the problem might get worse.

Type Of Roofing

Different roofs are affected by weather in different ways. Metal roofing, for example, holds up to heat much better than some types of shingles. If it seems like portions of a shingled roof are being damaged by sun, you can expect that the other sections will experience the same fate. Wooden shakes also don’t hold up particularly well to extreme weather. Even if you only have a small amount of damage, you may want to consider installing a new roof made of a more durable material to limit the cost of future repairs.

Ideally, you’ll find a Fort Worth, TX roofing company that offers free estimates; you can figure out your options and possible expenses and then go from there.