Roof Insurance Claims: What Homeowners Need To Know

Everything To Know About Fort Worth, TX, Roofing Insurance Claims

Stay Informed On Your Roof Insurance Claims To Ensure A Timely And Effective Process

Dealing with home insurance companies in Fort Worth, TX, can be scary. It’s hard not to feel slighted and confused when filing a roof insurance claim. After all, some home insurance companies rely on their customers being ill-informed or naive about their coverage.

At First Texas Roofing, we want our customers to be informed and to feel empowered before filing their roof insurance claims, ensuring you get the money you deserve. Before filing your claim, many critical elements can make or break your final outcome.

Get your full money due and maneuver through the process like a pro with these helpful tips on filing your roof insurance claim.

Choose A Roof Repair Or Replacement Company That’s On Your Side

Choosing a knowledgeable, experienced roofing company to deal with your insurance company is the best thing you can do before filing a claim. Working with a roofing company on your side will help you get the money you deserve.

Because insurance companies often make mistakes, mostly innocent, it’s essential to have a negotiating partner in this process. Roofing pros will inform insurance companies of any hidden damages they may fail to see, or they may be able to locate the source of a problem, whereas some adjusters guess as to what the problem is.

Improper diagnosis can lead to homeowners receiving much less than they deserve. Professional roofers can quickly identify the problem, correctly diagnose it, and accurately estimate the repair or replacement cost. This speed saves you and your insurance company a lot of unnecessary back and forth, ensuring you get your correct amount.

Don’t Trust An Adjuster’s First Estimate

Although there are great insurance adjusters, many are not as highly trained or specially skilled in roofs. After big storms, insurance companies get flooded with claims, forcing them to send out any adjuster they have on standby.

Without special training in roofs, damages are easily overlooked. After all, most roofing damage occurs under the surface and is invisible to the naked eye. Adjusters can leave out essential repair costs if they don’t know where or how to look appropriately for all the damage.

Hiring a roofing pro will help you avoid this problem, as expert roofers are often willing to be present when the insurance adjuster is there and point out the underlying issues. This ensures they include ALL damages and consider the details they would have missed otherwise.

Know The Source Of Your Roof Damage

Knowing what caused damage to your roof is extremely helpful when filing an insurance claim. Insurance companies almost always cover storm and hail damage, but even storm damage may not be apparent.

Some damage is easy to diagnose, especially after a big storm blows through the area, but seemingly minimal storm damage may lead to further underlying damage later on. Addressing your roof storm damage immediately will help prevent costly and more extensive repairs in the future and ensure the source of your damage is accurately accredited to the storm.

Insurance companies do not often cover normal wear and tear, making it all the more important to be well informed of the source of your roof’s damage. Like with storm damage, slight wear and tear areas may not seem like much initially but lead to more significant problems.

Keep Notes And Take Photographic Evidence

Photos of your damage will help build your case when filing an insurance claim. It’s also important to keep detailed notes throughout the process, staying informed. Referencing notes and photos will keep you confident and empowered during the process.

Professional roofers often point things out to you directly or take photos to show you underlying problems that are hard to see. Having hard copy proof of your roof’s issues gives you room to negotiate and a foundation to stand on.

Know What Your Insurance Policy Covers

Everyone’s home insurance policies are different and cover different things. For instance, some cover flood damage, while others don’t. When filing your roof insurance claim, either talk with your insurance company or research your policy on their website to know exactly what it covers.

Most insurance companies cover storm and hail damage, while many do not cover normal wear and tear. Informing yourself of your specific claim will prepare you for what to expect from your insurance company.

At First Texas Roofing, We Handle Your Whole Fort Worth Roof Insurance Claim For You

We make the whole roof insurance claim incredibly easy for our Fort Worth, TX, customers at First Texas Roofing – we do it for you. Working firsthand with your insurance company and claim helps avoid the misunderstandings and drawn-out process a middleman usually causes.

Plus, we don’t just file claims for our customers – we’re experts in roof insurance claims. We’ve had our roofing customers’ best interests at heart for over 15 years, getting the most money back from claims filed. We’ve seen it all and work tirelessly to get customers’ roofs back in working order in no time.

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