Residential Roof Repairs For Leaking Skylights In Lake Worth, TX

Residential Roof Repair For Skylight Leaks
In Your Lake Worth, TX Home

The Damage From A Leaking Skylight
Can Devastate Your Home

If you have a leaking skylight, you can guarantee that Lake Worth, TX residential roof repair will be needed in the future. While skylights are beautiful in houses, and they allow for natural light to shine in, they can be a huge headache when they leak.

There can be several reasons why your Tarrant County skylight is leaking. These reasons range from the skylight not having been properly installed to it reaching its peak age and starting to deteriorate. Whatever the reason for the leak, it can wreak havoc on your roof.

The Damage To Your Lake Worth, TX
Roof From Leaking Skylights

When most people think of a leak around their skylights, they often worry about the water dripping into their homes. They may put buckets underneath to catch the water, move furniture around, or whatnot.

However, when you are already seeing the water leaking into your home from the skylight, it has already been affecting the roof. So, what kind of damage can a leaking skylight cause your roof?

Mold Growth

As the water leaks around the skylight, the wood on the roof absorbs the water. Over time, mold can grow on that wood.

This can lead to breathing issues for everyone in your house, as mold can be toxic. The problem is that many people do not realize the mold has grown around their skylight until they see water leak into their homes.

Paint Damage

You may notice that the ceiling around your skylight has paint peeling, or the ceiling itself could bubble as the water has leaked through the roof and into the ceiling. Repainting the ceiling may improve the area, but the leak must be repaired to avoid the same situation.

Warped Wood

As the water continues to be absorbed by the wood under the asphalt shingles and leaks into the ceiling, you may notice bulges, dips, and weaves throughout the sections near your skylight. Warped wood can only be repaired by removing it and starting with fresh wood.

Unsafe Roof

If a leak from a skylight were to continue without notice by the homeowners, it could eventually affect the roof’s structural integrity. In severe cases, one leak around a skylight can lead to the roof collapsing in on itself.

However, the other damage signs listed beforehand are often seen before the roof becomes structurally unsound and collapses – which is good news for homeowners!

Interior Damage

Depending on the location of your skylight, you may find that the water damages counters and cabinets in the kitchen. And skylight leaks in the kitchen could affect kitchen appliances, leading to a potential fire hazard.

Water leaking through the skylight into your home can affect floors, furniture, and much more. All of these will result in having to replace or repair items to get them back into fighting shape.

How Residential Roof Repair Helps Leaking Skylights

The damage that can occur when the skylight leaks can be repaired. That is where residential roof repair comes into play. But how will the damage be repaired?

Several steps may be taken to repair the damage and keep it from happening again. To start, the cause of the leak needs to be found. Why is the skylight leaking?

It can be removed and installed correctly the second time if that is the problem. However, if the skylight has aged out, then replacing the skylight is often the best option.

By replacing the skylight, you are stopping the leak. However, you still have to have the roof repaired as it has been saturated with water. The good news is that often, the part of the roof that is affected is that which is closest to the skylight.

Ultimately, it may result in removing some of the asphalt shingles and the wood under these sections to replace them. Then, everything is put back together to ensure the roof looks original to what is surrounding it.

Not everyone can assure a homeowner that their roof will be put back in a way that makes the repair unnoticed by those who see it. However, First Texas Roofing has experience with all roof repairs, including skylight leaks.

How To Avoid Future Skylight Leaks
In Your Lake Worth, TX Home

Once the repair has been made to the roof from the damage caused by a skylight leak, how can you avoid this in the future? We suggest you have your skylight and roof inspected annually so any signs of leaks are spotted immediately rather than letting these fester and continue to cause damage to your roof.

Also, checking your roof and skylight after significant storms that roll through the area can help you avoid the surprise of a leak later. Taking a little time now to inspect the roof is well worth the headache of dealing with roof and interior damage from a skylight leak.

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Residential Roof Repairs

If your skylight in your Lake Worth, TX home is leaking, or you know it has leaked in the past, you may require residential roof repair. First Texas Roofing offers repairs for roofs and corrections to skylights when required.
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