Residential Roof Repair For Mold On Lake Worth, TX Roofs

Residential Roof Repair To Battle Mold
On Your Lake Worth, TX Roof

How To Remove Mold
From Your Roof

When mold has attacked your home, Lake Worth, TX residential roof repair is a must-have! Whisper the word “mold,” and most people get slightly uncomfortable. However, just because you have mold growing on your roof doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned.

You should! Mold growth can indicate that something else is happening that could further damage your roof. Let’s look at the mold growth on roofs and how you should be reacting.

Why Mold Sets Up On Lake Worth, TX Roofs

One of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners is why mold is growing on their roofs. It is a logical question because it doesn’t happen with everyone.

There are several reasons why mold can appear on a roof. These include:

  • Homes in a hot and humid climate often see more mold growth on roofs due to the condensation that can form between the asphalt shingles and their underlayment.
  • Leaks affecting the underlayment and asphalt shingles can set up mold.
  • Gutters that do not drain water correctly could let the water seep back into the roof, leading to mold growth.
  • Algae on roofs that are not removed and allowed to continue often results in mold.

Mold is not something to play around with, it can be dangerous. Not only will it affect your roof, but some report having breathing issues and intense allergies due to the mold seeping into their home.

The Dangers Of Mold On Your Tarrant County Roof

While seeing mold growing on your roof may be an eyesore, mold can be problematic for your roof and home in general.

When mold grows on your roof, it is not just on the shingles; it has seeped under the asphalt shingles into the underlayment and wood and can spread into the crawlspace or attic. It can continue to travel throughout your home.

Visualize a slow-growing threat that starts to take over your entire home, and you basically have what mold can do.

One of the biggest dangers mold can cause to your roof is the weakening of the structure. Yes, while mold may be nothing but a fungal growth, it will break down the wood in your roof, making it structurally unsound.

The mold can then affect your vinyl siding, getting behind it and eventually leaking into your home. While you may not see the mold on the walls of your home, it silently lurks behind them, causing issues.

If worrying about the structure of your home wasn’t enough, remember that mold can cause serious health issues. Even those not allergic to mold will find more allergies and breathing issues. And yes, some people have even developed asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and more from breathing in harmful mold spores.

How Residential Roof Repair Handles Mold Growth

Will mold require a complete roof replacement, or will a residential roof repair suffice? It really depends upon the situation. A professional roofer can analyze how much the mold has damaged the roof.

In some situations, removing and repairing the damaged section to match the rest of the roof is all that is needed. However, if the mold growth has been allowed to continue and has taken over the entire roof, it often means a complete roof replacement is needed.

The key to only dealing with a roof repair is monitoring your roof and getting help when you spot mold growing.

For those who want to prevent mold from taking over, we understand this desire. However, there are situations in which mold is almost unavoidable.

One of the more prudent ways to avoid mold taking over is to ensure you properly maintain and inspect your roof. By doing this, you will notice mold immediately and correct it before it spreads.

You can also treat your roof with a fungicide, which has been shown to help keep mold from forming. While many people may think they can use bleach, remember that bleach is harsh and can affect your roof and the nature around it.

If you spot any type of leak, then it is time to call for a residential roofing repair contractor. Leaks are the number one reason a roof starts to grow mold that slowly takes over.

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