Reasons You May Need A New Roof

Reasons You May Need A New Roof

Most people think about replacing their roof after a storm or when it gets old, but there are other reasons you may need to consider a new roof. A professional roofer in Fort Worth, TX can make sure you’re getting the best roof for your home and situation. Here are three other reasons to replace your roof, even if you aren’t experiencing problems.

Updating Energy Efficiency

Installing a cool roof can reduce your utility bills by 10 to 20 percent. You reduce your carbon footprint and make sure your home is using its air conditioning or heating costs effectively. If you have a dark-colored roof that is absorbing heat during the hot Texas summer, you are probably paying too much to cool your home. Ask your roofer in Fort Worth, TX about a different roof to be more energy efficient.

Increasing Curb Appeal

Many people upgrade their roof when they’re looking to sell their home. A new roof, especially one that is eco-friendly, increases the home’s value on the market. It’s not just the monetary value, but the mental value of having a new roof. The new homeowner won’t be concerned about replacing this major system, which is a great selling point.

Completing Your Home Remodel

When you’ve added a room to your home or changing the roofline? This is good time to consider a new roof. You don’t want a mix of old and new roofing, because this can be unattractive. While you’re making changes, upgrade your roof and make it look complete.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Even though most roofs last about 20 years, the weather in Texas can be tough on your home. Ask your roofer in Fort Worth, TX about your roof to make sure your home is protected. The savings you see on your utility bills and in the valuation of your home may make it worth upgrading before you start to see damage.