Protecting The Rest Of Your Home During a Roof Installation

Protecting The Rest Of Your Fort Worth, TX,
Home During A Roof Installation

Your Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Property
Free From Damage During A New Roof Installation

When installing a new roof on your Fort Worth, TX, home, it’s crucial to protect the rest of your home. But no matter how careful your roofing contractor is, accidents happen. As a result, damage to other parts of your property can occur – creating more work, increasing costs, and causing major headaches.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to help mitigate the risk of damage to your home. Read on to find out how to protect the rest of your home during a roofing installation.

Know What Your Home Looks Like Before The Project Starts

First, it’s essential to have a baseline knowledge of what your home looks like before the project starts. Complete a walkthrough with your contractor, so there are no disputes later about whether the damage was there before the project began. You’ll both document any signs of wear and tear currently present on the exterior of the home.

If damage does occur due to the roof installation, you’ll be able to tell based on your pre-remodel inspection. Your roofing contractor is required to carry and maintain liability insurance, which will cover any damage they cause while completing your Texas roof replacement.

Protect Your Windows

Your windows will be one of the most vulnerable areas of your home during your roof replacement project. As debris falls from the roof, it has the potential to scratch or even break window panes. 

Before any work begins on your roof, you must ensure that your roofing contractor has securely covered all windows. This covering is especially critical during the removal process of the old materials – don’t leave it to chance! 

Prepare Your Lawn And Landscaping

As close to the date of your roof installation as possible, you will need to trim your grass. A good roofing company will use tarps to protect the lawn in the immediate area around your home. However, debris can travel outside of the protected area and create a safety hazard for your family.

Trimmed grass will ensure that there is efficient and thorough cleanup. Your contractor will more easily find all the roofing nails that have made it into the grass.

Larger trees and shrubbery will be able to handle falling debris much better than potted plants and will not need to be covered. Smaller plants will need protection, which can be as simple as leaning plywood over them or placing tarps on top.

Cover Your Pool

Next, you need to consider protecting your pool. Even if your pool is a distance from your home, there is still the potential for debris to be carried into it by the wind. Covering it is the best and most thorough solution to this potential problem.

Placing a tarp or pool cover over the surface of the water will prevent any damage from debris. Your pool’s filtration system is especially susceptible to damage and interference from roofing materials. The last thing you want is to replace your filter, so take time to cover your pool.

Cover Your Important Items In The Attic

Many Fort Worth, TX, homeowners keep precious belongings in their attics. A roof replacement can damage these items because of all the dust, dirt, and debris dropped on them. You’ll want to ensure anything important is covered with tarps or drop cloths.

Additionally, as the new roof is put on, it will create a small but mighty flow of small pieces of wood that fall into the attic and cover everything with each nail driven into the building. Tarps will make for a much easier cleanup when the installation is complete.

Consider Removing Delicate Items From The Walls

If you have pictures and other delicate personal items on the walls of your home, consider removing them before the roof installation begins. All the banging can dislodge them, causing them to fall to the floor, breaking as they land. Anything important should be temporarily relocated to prevent this from happening.

Rely On First Texas Roofing For An Expertly
Installed Roof In Fort Worth, TX

When getting a Texas roof replacement in Fort Worth, TX, you must hire a high-quality roofing company. Not only will they complete the job correctly, but they’ll help ensure the rest of your home is protected from damage.

Here at First Texas Roofing, we’ve been helping our customers get the perfect roofs for over 15 years. We even help negotiate with the insurance companies to ensure they get the best possible coverage when they need it most. 

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