Preparing for Roof Replacement

6 Steps To Prepare For A Roof Replacement
In Fort Worth, TX

Everything You Need To Do Before Your Project Starts

A roof replacement in Ft. Worth, TX, is a significant investment in your home that offers many excellent benefits, including boosted curb appeal and better protection from the elements. You can perfectly match your home’s aesthetic with many styles and material options available.

To ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible, complete these six steps to prepare for your roof replacement.

1. Have A Plan For Your Children And Pets

If you have children and pets, the construction zone is off-limits to them for obvious safety reasons. Additionally, younger children who need naps will most likely not be able to sleep successfully with the noise generated by the roofing project. Pets who are sensitive to loud noises may have a difficult time handling the situation.

You may consider having them stay with a friend or family member until your new roof is completely installed, at least during the crew’s working times. Another consideration is if you work remotely, you may need to find a temporary location for your office, as the noise can be a severe disruption.

2. Find A Temporary Parking Spot

Throughout the project, your driveway will not be available for several reasons. First, parking there will put your vehicle in harm’s way for falling materials that can damage it. Second, your contractors will need the space to have better access to their equipment. Allowing them to use your driveway will make the process much more efficient.

3. Prepare The Exterior Of Your Home

There are several key components to preparing the exterior of your home for a roof replacement. Your roofing contractors will need easy access to your roof, so any overhanging tree branches too close to the roof need to be trimmed back. Any shrubs that make it difficult to get a ladder close to the house must be trimmed or tied.

The grass will also need to be trimmed to help our crew keep your yard safe. The crew will do their best to find all the dropped roofing nails in the yard, and shorter grass will allow them better visibility and access with the magnetic nail finder.

If you have an irrigation system, you will want to turn it off a couple of days before the contractors arrive. This will prevent anyone from walking on wet grass, damaging the yard. You will need to keep it off for the entire project.

All lawn furniture will need to be moved away from the house so contractors can move freely at the job site. Moving your chairs and tables will help protect them from potential damage during work.

Your windows will also need to be protected from damage. When the contractors are taking off your old roof, there is the potential for the glass to be scratched or broken by falling debris. One way to prevent this is to board the windows until the old roof is completely removed.

4. Prepare The Inside Of Your Home

It might seem counterproductive to prepare the inside of your home for a roof replacement; however, the vibrations caused outside can lead to damage and dust inside. To start your preparations, remove anything breakable from the walls, including framed pictures and knick-knacks.

Sometimes the vibrations can cause things to work their way off tabletops, so you must remove anything breakable from these surfaces. If you have china inside curios, it should not be nestled or touching the walls, as this can lead to breakage.

The attic will be the number one location in your house that accumulates dust throughout the project. If you have storage in this space, place dropcloths over it and consider putting painter’s clothes on the floor for easy cleanup.

5. Locate All Accessible Power Outlets

Your contractors will need power to complete your roof replacement. To make things more efficient, find all the outlets before they arrive, so they don’t have to hunt for them. They may need to use interior outlets if you don’t have enough outside so ensure you have a plan for them to access some of these through a window or door.

6. Let Your Neighbors Know You Have A Project Planned

Rather than surprise your neighbors on installation day, it’s courteous to speak to them before the project begins and let them know you will have a roof replacement completed. This will prepare them for the noise so they can make their own accommodations.

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