Open Vs. Closed Valley Roof Systems: Which Is Better In Willow Park, TX?

Open Vs. Closed Valley Roof Systems:
Which Is Better For Residential
Roofing In Willow Park, TX?

Navigating The Pros and Cons Of Open
And Closed Valley Roof Systems

There are many parts that come together to create secure residential roofing systems that can withstand the harsh weather in Willow Park, TX. One of the most crucial components is the valley roof system.

Although there are three main types of valley roof systems, the two most commonly used in Willow Park are open and closed. But what’s the difference between the two, and which one is right for your home?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about closed and open valley roof systems, and which is the best fit for your residential roofing needs in Willow Park, TX.

What Are Roof Valleys?

A roof valley is a location on your roof where two slope sections come together, forming a V-shaped angle. This is often found in homes with more than one gable or roof design.

A roof valley works similarly to the point where several streams come together in a mountain valley, known as a water valley.

It gathers and directs rainwater and melted snow toward the gutters or eaves on both sides of your roof.

There are three styles of roof valleys:

  • Woven
  • Open
  • Closed

Woven valleys are less popular than open and closed valley systems.

Why Are Roof Valleys Important To Your Roof?

Although roof valleys may seem like a minor detail on your roofing system, they are vital in keeping your home dry and protected from damaging storms.

Without a proper valley, rainwater and melting ice or snow can pool at the intersection of the two sloped roof sections, eventually causing leaks and water damage.

The pooled water can lead to the growth of mold, roof rot, and the attraction of pests like insects and rodents.

What Is A Closed Valley Roof System?

A closed valley roof system is a method of roofing where the shingles are cut with one side overlapping the other to create a straight line in the middle of the valley.

This creates a smooth and seamless look, making it the perfect choice for homeowners who want their roof to blend in with the rest of their home’s exterior.

Pros And Cons

One of the biggest advantages is the improved aesthetics. The straight-line cut of shingles lends a clean, uniform look that is often desirable.

Because of the complete overlap of shingles, the underlayments are fully protected, making these roofs less prone to water damage.

Closed valleys are less expensive to install without the need for metal flashing.

However, closed valley roofs can be more challenging to install, taking more time and effort.

In addition, the closed valley design may only be suitable for some roofing materials, adding to the cost and installation challenges.

What Is An Open Valley Roof System?

An open valley system uses flashing material to cover the valley.

This flashing material, usually made of galvanized or painted steel, is placed along the valley first, then the shingles are installed on top of the flashing.

The shingles are then cut back on both sides so that a portion of the flashing material remains exposed.

Pros And Cons

The open valley roofing system has impressive snow-shedding abilities and prevents debris build-up. Its distinctive roof planes give it an attractive appearance, especially when combined with dimensional shingles.

The best thing is that it is compatible with various roofing materials and tends to be the most durable of the three roof valley systems.

On the other hand, the installation costs are higher because of the flashing material’s cost and the extra time needed to install it.

How To Choose Between An Open
Or Closed Valley Roof System

Choosing between an open or closed valley roof system largely depends on your roofing needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget.

You should also consider local weather conditions, as regions with heavy rainfall might benefit more from an open valley system.

No matter which option you choose, First Texas Roofing can help you with all your roof repair, roof replacement, and new installation needs.

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