Missed Signs You Need Aledo, TX Residential Roof Repair

5 Signs Of Aledo, TX Roofing Damage
Easily Missed That Requires
Residential Roof Repair

Damage Your Roofing
Contractor Can Spot

There is always a chance that your roof has damage that you cannot see. That is when you need Aledo, TX residential roof repair for damage that only a professional will see.

When a storm hits the area or your roof has aged out, most homeowners check for the obvious signs that your roof requires repair. For example, you know you need repair if you find shingles in your yard and then see bald spots on your roof.

However, the easily missed signs of Parker County roof damage could lead to a huge headache. These easily missed signs are something that you may think nothing about until the damage to the interior of your home results in massive repair bills.

That is why having your roof checked by a professional is a must-have. That way, your roof is tip-top, and you can breathe easier because roof repairs can be made when needed.

1. Whistling Sounds Could Signal The
Need For Residential Roof Repair

Homeowners often overlook whistling sounds they hear inside their homes during windy weather. After all, it is windy outside, so hearing the wind is logical.

However, whistling sounds could mean your roof has damage you can’t see. In these cases, it could mean that you have small cracks throughout your roof that allow the wind to penetrate and whistle through your attic or crawlspace.

Many homeowners may say it is just wind, so is there really any reason to worry? If you can hear the wind due to cracks in your roof, water can also easily penetrate these cracks. This will result in leaks throughout the interior of your home.

2. Damaged Flashing Means Residential Roof Leak Repair

As long as homeowners see the flashing on their roofs, they think all is good. However, weather and time can bend the flashing, allowing water to leak behind it.

Many homeowners don’t realize they have flashing issues until they start to see leaks inside their homes that they cannot pinpoint the source. In these situations, flashing issues can be the culprit.

A professional roofing contractor will be able to notice if the flashing has any dents, bends, or other damage that could allow water to drip behind.

3. Residential Roof Repair For Black Spots Throughout Roof

When many homeowners look at their roofs, they don’t consider the darker spots an issue. They may even go into their attic and see some black spots, which doesn’t necessarily mean there is damage.

Black spots on the inside of the attic from the roof are not always a cause for alarm. After all, the glue and age used throughout the roof can cause the plywood to have darker spots.

However, in worse-case scenarios, the black spots you may see throughout the roof or the attic could be a sign of black mold growth due to water penetrating the roof in some manner. You do not want black mold to spread, as it can lead to health issues for the entire family.

4. Strange Nails Can Signal A Residential
Roof Repair Needed

Have you seen some nails lying around your home, or perhaps you have picked a few up in your tires? If your roof has been recently replaced, your roofer could have dropped the nails. However, most roofers use methods to ensure they don’t leave nails behind.

If your roof is a few years old and you start seeing some strange nails lying around your home, it could mean that you have roofing nails that have come loose. And yes, it happens more often than people realize.

Roofing nails can be pulled out due to high winds and even due to age. When that happens, a nail hole in your roof could lead to a water leak underneath the roofing material, resulting in leaks and further damage.

5. Residential Roof Repairs For Buckling Roof Material

Buckling roof material cannot always be seen when looking at your roof from the ground. That is why professional roofers often find buckling once they are on the roof and inspect it.

When areas of the roof start to buckle, it often requires removing the roofing material and replacing it. Buckled areas of a roof can allow water to blow underneath it and infiltrate the home. Hence, it is a serious but often missed sign that your roof requires repair.

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If you fear that your Aledo, TX roof needs residential roof repair, then it is time to have it inspected by a professional roofer. With the commonly missed signs, your roof could need repairing even if you think it is okay!

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