Leaking Commercial Roofing? Here’s What To Look For

5 Interior Signs Of Commercial Roof Damage
And Leaks In White Settlement, TX

Protect Your Roof And Property By Watching
For These Early Signs Of Roof Damage

Commercial roofs in White Settlement, TX, are built to be strong and withstand the elements, but over time, damage and leaks can occur.

Knowing the signs of roof damage and leaks can allow you to arrange for roofing repairs before the damage becomes severe and spreads to other parts of your property.

Let’s look at some of the most common interior signs of commercial roof damage and leaks.

#1 Visible Water Leaking From Commercial Roofing Systems

Leaking water is one of the most obvious signs that your commercial roof is damaged. It’s not always easy to see, however. Sometimes, water can leak around the edges of your walls or along the trim.

If you aren’t looking for the leaks, seeing them might take a while. Of course, water can also leak from the center of a roof. If you suspect your commercial roof may be damaged, check the ceiling and walls for signs of leaks.

If they feel soft and damp, or if you can see streams or beads of water on them. It means water is getting inside your commercial property, and you need commercial roofing repairs.

#2 Stains On The Walls And Ceilings Of Your
White Settlement Commercial Building

If water enters your property through your roof, you might see stains on your walls and ceilings. Some ceilings show stains more easily than others, and certain materials and paint colors can make it harder to notice.

The stains are usually round and can grow as time goes on. Streaking is another type of stain to look for. Severe stains look darker than newer stains. Touching the stains can cause the ceiling or wall to break open and make a hole.

#3 Visible Damage Found During A
Commercial Roof Inspection

If you suspect your commercial roof might be damaged, a roofing inspection can tell you for sure. An experienced roof inspector will assess your roof and find signs of damage.

They will tell you if your roof is leaking or vulnerable to leaks and other damage. They will also recommend repairs.

Even if your roof isn’t leaking during the inspection, the inspector might find obvious signs of damage that show your roof is at risk for a leak and needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

#4 Pest Infestations In Or Around Your Commercial Roofing

Pests love areas that are dark, damp, and easily accessible. If your roof is damaged and leaking, there’s a good chance pests will find their way into your property. They can range from insects to rodents and aren’t always easy to notice.

They can hide and live in your roof for a long time before you eventually see signs of droppings, nests, or even see them running around.

Making repairs to your roof will make your commercial property less appealing to them. If they don’t leave on their own after repairs, you can arrange for extermination services.

#5 Mold Growth On Your Commercial
Roof And Interior Spaces

Mold loves to grow in areas that stay dark and wet. If your commercial roof leaks, it could create the perfect environment for mold to spread. Mold causes health problems and leaves unsightly stains on your roof and ceiling.

Removing it is also difficult and expensive. Repairing your roof can reduce the moisture and mold. Mold usually grows behind walls and above ceiling boards, so it’s not always easy to see.

If you notice an odd smell or your commercial property seems damp or moist, it’s a good idea to check for leaks and mold growth.

Choose First Texas Roofing For All Your Commercial
Roofing Service Needs In White Settlement, TX

If you suspect your commercial roof in Tarrant County may be leaking, you need the help of an experienced commercial roofing company.

At First Texas Roofing, we can provide a professional inspection to find any signs of leaks or damage. We can also make the necessary repairs or even replace your roof if needed.

We have been in the roofing industry for decades and are happy to help you protect your commercial property from water damage. Contact First Texas Roofing for a free commercial roofing estimate.