Is Foot Traffic Ruining Your Roof?

Does Foot Traffic Damage Weatherford, TX Flat
Roofs Resulting In Commercial Roof Repair?

Discover The Effects Of Foot Traffic On
Flat Commercial Roofing Systems

Many commercial buildings often have a flat roofing system. However, many owners wonder if the foot traffic these flat roofs see can lead to needing Weatherford, TX commercial roof repair.

It is a logical concern for Parker County business owners who are worried about keeping their buildings in good shape and getting the most bang for their buck out of their roof.

If your building has a flat roof, we have all the answers you need about the effect foot traffic may have.

The Damage Of Foot Traffic On Weatherford, TX
Flat Commercial Roofs

Ultimately, yes, more foot traffic can damage your flat roof. However, that doesn’t mean that one person stepping onto the roof will call for repairs.

Many businesses with flat roofs find that employees often find their way to the roof for a breather from their work. Some businesses use their flat roofs as more space for their business, encouraging people to gather there, having a few plants to create a relaxing ambiance, and much more.

The type of damage seen when a lot of foot traffic hits a flat roof varies. In most cases, the protective layer on your roof may be impacted by people walking on it or moving items around.

It can be a huge issue when the protective layer is damaged, even with something as small as a tear from a shoe. Punctures, tears, and the like can lead to water getting under the protective layer, wetting insulation, and ultimately leaking into the building.

Since the insulation has been affected, you could also see higher energy costs since the roof is no longer energy-efficient.

Damage due to foot traffic is often seen at the seams of a flat roof and at the edges and corners of the roof. For those commercial buildings with their HVAC equipment stored on the flat roof, damage is often seen near where these machines sit.

How Can You Minimize Foot Traffic To
Avoid Commercial Roof Repair?

For the benefit and lifespan of your roof, minimizing foot traffic may be in your best interest. But how can you do that?

While a flat roof may seem like a great place to have a break area for employees, you should consider limiting access to only those who need to be on the roof for maintenance or other necessary repairs.

Consider moving any break area from the flat roof to the ground. You can still create a relaxing ambiance without it being on your roof and potentially damaging it.

Signs Your Flat Roof Needs Commercial Roof Repair

If you have foot traffic on your flat roof, you must be aware of the signs that showcase that you may need commercial roof repair.

1. Leaks Inside The Building

Leaks in your building could be coming from your roof. And if your flat roof has had a lot of people on it, then that increases the chances of the leak being due to damage to your roof.

2. Ponding Water

When it rains, do you see areas of your roof that have ponding water? This could signal that damage is present, increasing the likelihood of leaks since water is sitting there with nowhere to go.

3. Higher Energy Bills

Have you noticed your energy bills are higher than usual? While this is not always a good indicator of roof damage, it can be.

In these cases, the roof insulation is no longer doing its job, resulting in heat and air escaping and entering the building more.

4. Visible Damage You Can See

When you look at your flat roof, do you see small punctures, blisters, bubbles, rips, or tears? These signs of damage point to commercial roof repair being needed.

While the visible damage may not mean the entire roof is compromised, it is best to take care of these before issues become more serious.

Free Estimates For Weatherford, TX Commercial Roof Repair

If your Weatherford, TX flat commercial roof is damaged, First Texas Roofing offers commercial roof repair. Even if you are still determining damage, it may be a good idea to have it professionally checked if you have a lot of foot traffic on the roof.

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