Importance Of Drainage With Azle, TX Flat Commercial Roofing

Why Proper Drainage Is Vital For Your Flat
Commercial Roofing In Azle, TX

Extend The Life Of Your Flat Roof
With The Proper Drainage

When you own commercial property, you undoubtedly have a few items on your to-do list all the time. Worrying about your Azle, TX commercial roofing may not be high on the list, but it is probably there somewhere.

You may worry about the roof of your commercial building. You may be worried about the cost of repair or replacement, perhaps about the age of the roof if you just purchased your building and any maintenance that should be completed.

Chances are, you aren’t really giving too much thought to your commercial roof’s drainage system. However, it should be on the list of concerns for all Tarrant and Parker County business owners.

Drainage systems play a pivotal role in maintaining your roof. Because your roof is flat, you cannot forgo drainage.

Why Worry About Drainage For Flat Commercial Roofing?

Drainage systems are a must-have for any roof, especially for flat roofs. A sloped roof will allow rainwater to run into gutter systems, taking the water away from the building.

However, a flat roof has nowhere for the water to run since there is no slope. Thus, water starts to pool on the flat roof, potentially leading to massive issues such as roof leaks and weakening membrane.

What Happens If Your Flat Commercial Roofing
Does Not Drain Properly?

When a flat commercial roof lacks a drainage system, the number of issues that can occur is extensive. Let’s examine some of these problems.

1. Pooling Water

Water that pools in an area will cause the roofing material to break down and deteriorate. It is not uncommon for areas that contain pooling water to start leaking into the building, which can cause interior damage.

2. Damaged Structural Integrity

Even if your roof doesn’t have areas that pool with water, but standing water accumulates over the entirety of your roof, the water’s extra weight can be damaging to your roof . Ultimately, the extra weight will make the roof structurally unstable over time.

For commercial buildings, this may mean damage to your building’s frame, ceilings, and the items inside the building. Thus, an improper drainage system can cause loss of income and business.

3. Mother Nature Making Your Roof Its New Home

Whether you have small areas pooling or what is the equivalent of a small pond on your roof, water will attract pests. In these cases, you may notice birds nesting here and making your roof their new home, causing a huge mess.

In addition, mosquitoes will come to the standing water. Who wants to be known as the business that requires mosquito repellent before stepping foot in front of it?

You will also see mold, fungus, and mildew growth due to the standing water that becomes stagnant since it has no place to go. This can break down the roofing material even further and be unsightly.

What Is Considered Proper Drainage For
Flat Commercial Roofing?

There are several drainage options for flat commercial roofs. If a commercial building has issues with its flat roof, it may need more than one type of drainage system.


Despite the lack of slopes on a flat roof, gutters are still something that commercial buildings should have. These gutters work no differently than what you have in your home, as they will collect the water and direct it away from the building.

Roof Drains

Roof drains are a fairly popular option. They are placed in locations where water pools most and outfitted with an internal system that directs the water away from the building.

They are installed with a filter, so you can hopefully avoid a lot of clogs, as a clogged roof drain can be a huge pain to clean out.

Scupper Drains

Scupper drains are very similar to gutters, but they are installed at the parapets of the walls. They form a seamless system to direct water away from the building. Scupper drains are virtually maintenance-free, which makes them a great option for many business owners.

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