How To Tell If You Have Hail Damage On Your Roof

4 Signs Of Hail Damage To Residential
Roofing Seen In White Settlement, TX

Know The Signs So Your Residential
Roofing Does Not Suffer

Let’s face it: White Settlement, TX, residential roofing sees severe weather throughout the year. While we all may think that our house will be picked up by the winds and flown to Oz during more severe storms, the real concern comes when the ping and thud of hail hits the roof, our cars, and much more.

It is not a pleasant feeling at all to know that once the storm passes, your property could have some hail damage. While the hail damage may not be severe, the consequences of the hail damage are what you need to be worried about.

Hail damage to your roof in Tarrant County could lead to leaks forming that you may not see for years. And while you don’t see it happening, the water penetrates your insulation, the roof underlayment, and much more.

It causes a huge mess and an even larger headache for you!

That is why it is essential to know the signs of hail damage to your roof so you can get professional help as soon as possible. Check out these four signs that your residential roof has succumbed to hail damage.

1. Your Residential Roofing Looks
Like It Has Black Dots All Over It

One of the more common signs of hail damage is when your roof looks like it has black dots. It can be in just one area or all over the roof.

Depending on the type of asphalt shingles you have, it may give it a speckled look, but it is definitely not something meant to boost the looks of your roof.

These darker spots throughout your roof are where hail has hit the asphalt and caused a slight divot in it. The darker appearance is because the shingle itself is dented.

While seeing a few divots throughout your roof doesn’t mean you will have leaks during the next rainstorm that rolls into the area, it does signify that the asphalt shingles are weakened. That means that over time, you could see more shingles blowing off the roof, leaks occurring, and other issues.

When you see these spots, it is best to seek help from a professional to determine the degree of damage.

2. Cracks Are Seen In Your White Settlement, TX Shingles

Sometimes, weakened asphalt shingles can be hit by hail and then crack. Occasionally, when the asphalt shingle cracks, a piece may fly off the roof if there is wind. Other times, the shingle may be broken but still adhere firmly to the roof.

Homeowners may not notice cracks when looking at their roofs from the ground. While you can get on the roof to check for cracks yourself, there are dangers to being on the roof that you must consider.

When shingles have cracks, it will allow water to penetrate under the shingle. Over time, the shingle will loosen and fly off with the next gust of wind. In addition, the water is reaching the underlayment and can quickly spread, resulting in more shingles becoming loose.

3. Residential Roofing Is Missing Shingles

If you go outside after a hail storm and you see pieces of shingles all over your yard, it could have been due to the hail that hit the roof. In these cases, the fragments of shingles could be due to cracks caused by the hail.

Missing shingles are a definite cause for concern as you have the proof right in front of you that your roof is not at its best. You will want to consider roof repair for those places on your roof that are missing shingles unless other damage is present that could result in needing a roof replacement.

4. Excessive Granules Are Seen In Your
White Settlement, TX Gutters

Asphalt roofs lose granules as they age. Thus, finding granules in your gutters is a small deal in most cases. However, hail damage can cause large amounts of granules to become loose.

After a hail storm, if you see more granules in your gutters than usual, then it is time to consider the ramifications of granule loss.

Granule loss does lead to weaker shingles. Weaker shingles can easily crack, blow off your roof, and let water in. Hence, large amounts of granule loss are a legitimate reason to call a professional roofer to determine the extent of the hail damage.

What To Do When You Notice Hail Damage
To Your Residential Roofing

What should you do after a storm has come through the area and you have noticed any of the above signs? Your first step is to determine if the hail did enough damage to warrant a roof repair or replacement.

Getting a roofer to your home to check the damage is your first call. The roofer will be able to take pictures and show you where hail damage is located while also providing you with the next steps. For example, a small section may only require a roof repair, while if 80% of the roof is affected by hail, it would be better to replace the roof entirely.

The good news for homeowners with hail damage on their roofs is that their home insurance may help cover the costs of repair or replacement, depending upon the policy. That is why you should look for a roofer who is experienced in hail damage and working with insurance companies.

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