How To Make Your Commercial Roof Replacement Less Distracting For Tenants

As an Aledo, TX, landlord, you’ll be responsible for preparing your tenants in your commercial building when it’s time for a commercial roof replacement. Like any major exterior remodeling project, commercial roofing is loud and distracting. Regardless of your commercial building type, you must help reduce distractions.

While much noise reduction will come down to the commercial roofing company you hire and their willingness to accommodate your tenants’ needs, you can still be active.


Follow these tips to help keep distractions to a minimum during your commercial roofing project.

  • Fully Explain The Roofing Process To Your Tenants

Your tenants won’t need to know how your roofers will install the new system – but they will need to know some details relating to the project. You may need to partner with your commercial roofer to get the information you need to relay to them. Having them as prepared as possible will help minimize their stress.

Be ready to answer questions that include the following:

    • When will the project begin?
    • How long will it last?
    • What will the working times be?
    • Will the parking lot be accessible?
    • Will the roofers’ equipment be stored on the property?
    • Will any parts of the building be restricted? If so, for how long?
    • What smells and sounds should we expect?
    • How will the roofers gain access to the roof?
    • Will the HVAC need to be turned off? If so, during what periods?


  • Clearly Identify Any Areas Of The Parking Lot That Will Be Used By The Roofers

If your commercial roofing company needs to store equipment and supplies on the property, particularly in the parking lot, ensure you notify your Aledo, TX, tenants. Then, have the contractors block off any needed sections of the property with cones or something similar.

You’ll also want to organize with the roofing contractors to see how quickly they can be done using the parking spaces to minimize business and tenant disruption. The shorter the period they need the space – the better it will be for your tenants.


  • Designate Alternate Building Access For The Roofers

To further decrease disruption to your Parker County tenants, you won’t want your roofing contractors entering and exiting through the main entrances. You’ll want to give them access to the service routes, including the path to the rooftop.

If you don’t have a service entrance and elevator for them to convey their materials, ask if they can use a hydraulic lift to move their materials on the exterior of the building. This will avoid the use of the main stairwells.


  • Choose A Reputable Roofer Who Will Reduce Noise

Commercial roofing will be loud – there’s not much you can do about the sounds of a roof being installed. However, what you can avoid is a noisy crew that blasts unsavory music and yells across the roof to one another.

You won’t get this type of behavior when you hire a reputable roofing company with a history of excellent customer service.

Instead, you’ll be treated to respectful installers who don’t play their music loud, use respectful language, and aren’t yelling so loud the neighbors down the street can hear them.

    • Prepare Your Tenants For Odors, Fumes, And Dust

When you inform your tenants of the anticipated roofing project, you can explain the potential odors, fumes, and dust that the installation will generate. However, when you hire an experienced Parker County commercial roofing company, they’ll know the proper techniques to reduce odors and fumes, keeping your tenants comfortable.

    • Inform The Tenants Of Potential Safety Hazards

Your roofing contractor will provide you with all the details on what could be a potential safety hazard during the roofing process, including falling debris during the tear-off phase. It’s your job as the landlord to inform the tenants of these risks so that they take the necessary precautions when entering and leaving the building.

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