How To Know If It’s Time To Install A New Roof

How To Know If It’s Time To Install A New Roof

Everyone’s born with a gift, and unfortunately, not everyone can be a roofing expert. That’s why, year after year, thousands of homeowners experience severe trouble with roofing in Keller, TX, simply because they didn’t know it was time to have their roof replaces. While sometimes this is caused by a lack of desire to dole out the funds for such a large project, there are many who simple don’t know the signs telling them to call for assistance from the Fort Worth, TX roofing professionals. Some of these signs include:

• Peeling or bare shingles. This is most often the result of harsh weather, and could indicate a roof that’s getting ready to give up the ghost. Thin or unsecure shingles can cause leaks that, in time, may impact the entire home.

• Missing shingles are perhaps a more obvious sign. This allows ample space for water and other elements to slip inside the home, causing damage to insulation, walls or even the structure of the home.

• If you’ve been finding granules from your asphalt shingles in your gutter, it’s a pretty good indication that you have shingles that are wearing thin and will need to be replaced soon.

While these are some of the most common signs those with asphalt roofing in Keller, TX may experience, there are several others to look out for. Discuss these with your Fort Worth, TX roofing professionals to decide whether or not you need a replacement right away.