How To Decide Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

How To Decide Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

When it’s obvious that your roof is in need of repairs, many people get stuck wondering whether they should go with simple repairs or replace the roof in its entirety. Below, you’ll find tips on how to make the right decision for your unique circumstances before you call roofing contractors in Dublin.

The Age Of the Roof

If the roof of your home is greater than 20 years old, then your home might be a good candidate for a total roof replacement. For an older home, replacing the roof is often a better decision in the long run. On the contrary, a relatively new home will most likely just need repairs.

Evaluate the Circumstances

If your home is experiencing a minor leak, then a simple repair might do the trick without needing to replace the whole roof. However, if you’ve just been through inclement weather that has caused significant damage, then it might make the most sense to go ahead and replace the roof. Although roof replacement is a big investment, it’s often worth the cost to prevent further damage and stop your home value from decreasing.

Compare Cost to Benefits

Replacing a roof is costly, but if you’re thinking about going that route, compare the cost to the benefits. When you opt to replace instead of repair, you can choose to make your home more energy efficient. In some cases, you can qualify for a federal tax credit to assist with the cost. If you decide to replace your roof with disaster-resistant materials, then you could potentially save money on your homeowner’s insurance policy. These benefits often make it worth the cost to invest in a new roof.


When deciding on your roofing contractors in Dublin, first consider the factors above to get an idea of whether you want to repair or replace your roof. If in doubt, your roofing contractors will be able to help you make the best choice.