Preventing Ponding Water on a Commercial Roof in Willow Park, TX

How To Avoid Ponding Water On A
Willow Park, TX Commercial Rooftop

Tips To Protect Your Roof From Water Ponding And Damage

Your Willow Park, TX commercial roof is your business’s first defense against the elements and helps keep it safe for customers and employees. Seeing ponding water on your roof may not be alarming at first, but ponding water can lead to severe damage.

Ponding water is a sign that your roof is not draining properly and needs to be repaired. The sooner you make commercial roof repairs, the less likely your roof is to suffer from water damage. Let’s explore some ways to avoid ponding water and protect your roof.

Make Sure Your Drains Are Clean

If your drains are clogged, they can’t move water away from the roof and your business. If the water has nowhere else to go, it stays on the roof and forms pools or ponds.

Eventually, the water may evaporate or drain slowly, but if it stays pooled for too long, it can start to damage your roof and eventually make its way inside the commercial building to cause water damage.

Cleaning your drains will help keep water flowing through them and help prevent ponding and the need for roof repairs.

Add More Drains

If your drains don’t seem to be moving water away from your roof well enough, you may need to add more drains to your structure or more downspouts.

This simply makes more room for water to drain and gets it off the roof before it has time to form ponds and cause water damage.

Repair Damaged Roofing

If your roofing is damaged, it could be more susceptible to pooling. If there are low spots or weak areas, the water will flow to those points and stay there.

Repairing your damaged roofing will allow the roof to work as it should and drain water properly so it won’t pool and cause more problems.

Replace Old Roofing

Older roofing can be susceptible to damage which makes it possible for water to pool. If your roofing has passed its expected lifespan, it may be time to repair or replace it to avoid pooling and other common roofing problems.

Provide Proper Maintenance

Simply maintaining your roof will help reduce the chance of serious damage or problems that could lead to pooling.

Maintenance and commercial roof inspections can also help you recognize when pooling may be present so you can arrange for repairs or replacement before it becomes severe.

Consequences Of Ponding Water On Commercial Roofs

Ponding might seem like something that isn’t a big deal. After all, roofs are meant to hold water, right? The short answer is yes: roofs are meant to hold small amounts of water for short periods of time.

But too much water in one spot for too long can cause the roof to break down. Some consequences of ponding water include:

Damaged Roofing

Ponding water can weigh down your roof and eventually cause it to break down. The water can weaken all types of roofing and even affect the protective membrane underneath the materials. In severe cases, water ponding can cause the structure of the roof to rot.

Interior Leaks

The longer water stays on the roof, the more likely it is to find a way into your business. Ponding water can cause leaks that result in brown spots and holes in your ceiling. It can also leave your commercial building damp and musty.

Mold Growth

If you have water ponding on your roof, you likely have mold growth too. Mold can grow on or under your roofing and even inside your commercial building if there is a leak.

Mold can cause severe allergies and health problems that can lead to unsafe conditions for employees and customers.

Water Damage

Water damage can obviously be mild or severe, but it’s sometimes hard to notice. Water that is ponding on your roof will eventually drain somewhere, and if that happens to be through your roofing or around your flashing, it will get into your business and cause water damage.


Pests love damp and dark spaces where mold grows or where they have access to water. If water is ponding on your roof, it could attract small animals such as rodents or even insects.

Trust First Texas Roofing To Tackle Your Willow Park, TX Commercial Roof Repairs

Don’t take your chances with something as important as your commercial roof. If you notice water is ponding in one or more areas, it’s time for repairs by an experienced commercial roofing company.

At First Texas Roofing, we handle all types of roofing repairs and are happy to help protect your business from water damage.

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