How Often Should I Replace The Gutters On My Home?

How Often Should I Replace The Gutters
On My North Richland Hills, TX Home?

Seamless Gutters Are A Great Choice For
A Long Term Solution

Gutters provide an excellent way of making your home’s exterior maintenance a lot easier. Homeowners also often wonder how long they can expect seamless gutters on their North Richland Hills, TX home to last.

We’ll review how long seamless gutters should last and what makes them durable. We’ll also discuss the signs of aging gutters and how to keep your seamless gutters in great shape.

How Long Do Seamless Gutters Last?

The answer to this question depends on the material you choose for your gutters. Let’s review a little more so you know the difference.

Vinyl Seamless Gutters

Seamless Gutters made of vinyl can last up to 15 years. This is a decent amount of time and can make homeowners happy with their overall durability.

Galvanized Steel Seamless Gutters

Galvanized steel seamless gutters are made of steel. Steel can withstand extreme temperatures, and we add a special coating to help fight off corrosion and rust. These do require some maintenance due to their constant exposure to the elements. You can expect maintained galvanized steel seamless gutters to last about 20 years on your house in Tarrant County.

Aluminum Seamless Gutters

Aluminum is another great option for seamless gutters. The best part about aluminum is that the metal is corrosion-free and needs less maintenance than galvanized steel. Aluminum gutters tend to last about as long as galvanized steel, about 20 years. Part of our mission is to help you do less exterior maintenance.

How Can I Tell My Seamless Gutters Are Failing?

We’ll start by explaining that on a very basic level, your seamless gutters should be capable of draining snowmelt and rainwater off your roof to a safe place.

With that said, the signs of seamless gutter failure include gutters that consistently overflow. It might be hard to tell exactly why your gutters are overflowing – just know that your gutters shouldn’t be. It could be a clog or a larger issue.

Overflowing gutters lead to another sign of distress in your house. Poorly draining gutters will cause excess water to leak down the side of your house into your siding, eventually leading to a loss of the original color and potential swelling or degradation.

One long-term reason for failing gutters is the seamless gutters disconnecting from your house. Disconnected gutters can happen for various reasons, including normal wear and tear due to pests and insects gathering in your gutters. The weight has the potential to damage hardware.

How can you tell your gutters are disconnected? You might notice your gutters look further away from the house than normal. Your gutters need to be at a specific angle to work properly. Without the right angle, the gutters are more likely to clog and otherwise have issues overflowing. This is why professional installation is important.

What Difference Do Professionally Installed
Seamless Gutters Make?

Technically, the ability to install seamless gutters goes well beyond the ability to install at just the right angle to keep water flowing. One of the big differences between seamless galvanized steel gutters and regular non-seamless gutters is how they are made.

So, you might be wondering how seamless gutters are so special.

Seamless gutters are made based on precise measurements of your home’s entire roofline. We then use specialized cutting equipment that we can park at your house to cut a gutter piece and install it on your home. This method means the gutters fit just right and have far fewer places where they could fail than traditional seamed gutters.

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