How Does Storm Damage Affect Your Home Over Time

How Storm Damage Affects Your Fort Worth, TX, Home And Roof Over Time

We’ll Give You A Roof Replacement Estimate Before The Next Big Storm Hits

Homeowners in Fort Worth, TX, know how quickly a storm can descend on the area and cause damage to their roof. They pop up in a flash and leave just as abruptly, leaving damage and debris in their wake.

For some homeowners, the damage is evident – tree limbs crash through roofs, and shingles blow away leaving holes in the exterior. However, most storm damage isn’t as noticeable for others, leaving it overlooked.

When any storm damage goes unaddressed, you risk the possibility of further damage down the line. Plus, further damage doesn’t only apply to your roof – it can affect your entire home, putting your structural integrity in danger and putting you and your family in harm’s way.

Addressing and immediately repairing storm damage is vital to ensuring your home and family stay safe. Here are some ways storm damage affects your home over time.

Constant Shingle Replacement Adds Up

It’s common for shingles to blow off your roof during a big storm, especially if your roof is older and hasn’t been replaced recently. Shingles start to break down over time in older houses, leaving your roof exposed to leaks and gaps.

Many homeowners assume they can keep replacing the lost shingles one at a time. Though these types of repairs are needed, you’re probably better off getting a whole new roof after enough shingle replacement. When you’re dealing with original or older, worn-down roofs, shingle replacement costs start to add up.

Replacement shingles, as good as they may be, are less reliable than a completely new roof. Each time you replace a shingle, you’re compromising the integrity of your roof just a little more. New shingles will likely differ from old ones, leaving your home exposed to more significant threats. It’s like putting a band-aid over the problem instead of fixing the source.

Unnoticeable Water Damage

With older roofs, water damage is a constant threat. As your roof endures years of storm damage, small cracks, gaps, or holes can start to allow moisture and leaks to penetrate through. Many times, this damage isn’t noticeable until you see water dripping into your living room.

Though an in-home leak may seem quick to happen, more often than not, it results from storm damage that homeowners never addressed. For many homes, water has to penetrate many layers before the drips start, meaning it has slowly progressed over time.

Unfortunately, if you notice wet ceiling spots or drips inside, chances are there’s more water damage inside your walls and in hidden spaces. Again, water damage often doesn’t happen quickly but is a slow progression. Getting a roof inspection after a big storm is critical, as a professional can spot underlying water issues.

Small Quirks Become Big Problems

After a big storm blows through, you might notice small changes to your roof, like a sagging frame or gutter damage. At first, these issues may not seem urgent – for some homeowners, they even become part of the home’s character.

However, even small punctures, bent gutters, and cracked frames can lead to big problems as the months and years go on. Though the minor issue doesn’t need emergency attention, you’ll want to get them repaired before they worsen – it’s a better-safe-than-sorry situation.

Any small exposure leaves your home vulnerable to wood rot, moisture build-up, mold infestation, and, of course, more water damage. Fort Worth, TX, isn’t immune to ice storms either, and these storms add a lot of tension and weight to your roof. If your roof isn’t in peak condition before an ice storm, there’s no telling where it’ll be after the storm.

Hail Damage Is Deceiving

Some homeowners think hail damage looks like broken glass and punctures. The reality is that hail damage may not look like much on the outside, but its long-term effects are obvious. Hail damage to your roof may look like minor dents or dark spots in your roof’s flashing or on your shingles.

A small mark seems innocent enough, but those tiny divots can create a waterfall of issues. Hail damage on your shingles often causes granule loss, leaving your shingle exposed to other weather elements. Over time, the shingle becomes ineffective.

Whether a hail storm produces bruises on your roof or punctures the exterior, the damage left unattended will almost always lead to water leaks and possible structural compromise. Small hail holes can expand over time, making your home more vulnerable.

After The Next Big Storm Hits Fort Worth, TX, We’ll Be Ready To Fix Your Roofing Damage

Storm damage can sound intimidating when it comes to your Fort Worth, TX, roof. Most people don’t want to deal with it, which is why it sits unattended for so long. At First Texas Roofing, we take the dread out of roof service. Our repairs and replacements are painless because we take the time to listen and care for our customers.

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