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Frequently Asked Questions from Ft. Worth homeowners about Roof Replacement & Roof Repair


Many homeowners have questions about roofing, but aren’t sure where to go for answers. As a trusted Ft. Worth roofing company, we offer expert answers to some of your most commonly asked questions. While there is much more to reroofing your home than we can cover below, these frequently asked questions and a good place to start.

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Why Choose First Texas Roofing?

We have eliminated the hassles and headaches that are so common with roof replacement and roof repair in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Owner Douglas Maloney personally provides your quote to ensure it’s 100% accurate. If you have an insurance claim, we work with your insurance company on your behalf. Our work crew is licensed, bonded, and professional—they leave no stone unturned and always do the job right the first time. And while we aren’t usually the lowest bid, we provide you with the absolute best value of any roofer in Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding areas.

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What Regions Of Texas Do You Serve?

First Texas Roofing provides roof replacement and roof repair for the entire Fort Worth area including, Burleson, Aledo, Dublin, Azle, Springtown, Granbury, and Stephenville. For a full list of the cities and towns we work in, visit our service areas page.

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How Are Your Prices?

Not the lowest, and not the highest—simply the best value among roofers in Dublin, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. We’ve been in business for over 15 years, and we know how much it costs to do the job right. And that is exactly what we bid. Not a penny more.

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Do You Use Annoying Sales Tactics And High Pressure?

No! Owner Douglas Maloney personally inspects your roof and provides you with a quote. Instead of high pressure and sales tricks, we educate you on the best solution for your needs and budget. Then we step back and let YOU make the final decision.

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Will Insurance Cover My Roof Repair Or Replacement?

This is hard to answer without first inspecting your roof and talking to you and your insurance agent. If you need a roofer in the Fort Worth area that will work directly with your insurance company, contact us. We can help you with your claim to ensure you are covered and pay as little out of pocket as possible.

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Do You Handle Emergency Calls?

Yes, we provide 24/7 emergency service for roofing in Fort Worth, Aledo, Keller, Burleson, and all of the surrounding areas. If you have a leak or other roofing emergency, the first thing you need to do is call us directly (817) 821-0323. We will walk you through the process of what to do and what NOT to do, while we dispatch our licensed and bonded professionals to your home.

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What Is The Best Asphalt Shingle To Use On My Roof?

This depends on your situation. There are two kinds of asphalt shingles: organic and fiberglass. Fiberglass shingles are more moisture- and fire-resistant than organic shingles. However, organic shingles have high tear strength, good wind resistance and can be fixed in colder temperatures. To determine the right shingle for your home, contact us for a free, no-pressure consultation. We would be honored to hear from you.

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Should A Leaky Roof Be Replaced?

A leaky roof is an indication that there is a problem, but it does not always mean that total replacement is required. Frequently, leaks are the result of relatively minor issues that can often be solved by repairs. When it comes to repair work, no roofers in Fort Worth, Dublin, or a surrounding area compare to First Texas Roofing’s thorough, professional work.

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Do You Provide Free Estimates?

Yes! Our estimates are free, no-pressure, and 100% accurate. Owner Douglas Maloney personally inspects your roof and provides you with the best solution for your situation and budget. Call us at  817-821-0323 to schedule a time for your consultation, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back with you!

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Have More Questions? Contact Us Today!

If you have questions that aren’t covered here, please give us a call at 817-821-0323, or send us a quick email. We are more than happy to discuss roofing solutions for your home in more detail.